Monday, August 2, 2010

Long overdue update!

Yikes--so much has happened and we've been so busy! 

First of all, Logan is doing fantastically well!

Secondly, thank you so much for all your thoughts and continued concern for our little guy.

Logan was finally discharged from the hospital about a week and a half or two weeks ago (I'm sorry--you'd think I'd never ever forget that special day, but . . . ) 

He is living at home now with his big sis and with regular visits from big brother.  He was sent home *without* a feeding tube or any other medical intervention.  He is still having some difficulty with food and seems to be suffering from colic but is otherwise healthy and completely normal for an infant his age.

Both his neurologist and pediatrician have said that Logan is, so far, exactly where he should be in terms of development.  The pediatrician went on to tell Logan's mommy and daddy that he has seen children who were deprived of oxygen during their births who then had cool cap therapy and children who haven't had the therapy available to them and the difference is drastic.  Children who have not had cool cap therapy are visibly affected and it's devastating.  On the other hand, children like Logan have outcomes that are about as close to 180 degrees opposite as possible.  I cannot even begin to tell you how humbled I am by how blessed our family is.  My heart goes out to families who are the other side of that fateful coin.

Again, I am so touched by your support.  Thank you all so much!

Logan was talking to his mommy when this picture was taken : )

Gabe, so thrilled with his bravery in the water!

Lily, *always* moving very fast and always excited!