Saturday, September 18, 2010

The picture. It's a metaphor. A *really* obvious one.

Soooo . . .  I'm shuttin it down.  Which isn't a huge surprise, right?

I haven't posted--or even been inspired to post--in forever.  Sad.

And I haven't been checking in on anyone else's blogs in the last couple months.  Also sad.

A quick update on my family before I close the door on the Country Mouse House:

  • My beautiful daughter and her husband have taken 3 month old Logan back to the hospital because he has a painfully difficult time digesting food.  They haven't been able to get anyone to take their concerns seriously until now.  Logan, when he isn't in agony, is a happy, sweet little guy.  He has hit all his developmental milestones on schedule and appears to be headed in the right direction.  The food/digestion thing needs to be worked out but besides that he's really doing miraculously well.

  • My darling little Sweet Pea will celebrate her 2nd birthday in a little over a week.  She is extremely verbally competent and, like her older brother, is quite clever.  A little too clever sometimes : ) 

  • And speaking of Sweet Pea's older brother, Gabe started Kindergarten this year *and* caught a 15 pound King salmon while fishing with Grandpa!  w00t!

  • Youngest has his driver's permit and thinks he's all grown up.  As 15-year-olds do : )   He also had his very first day of school EVER recently.  He's attending a private school for a couple classes a week and doing the rest at home as per the usual schedule of events.  He has matured enough to begin to know his strengths and weaknesses and to know where he needs help.  He also has become a much harder worker with school and sports and is doing well at football--freshman team (his first year playing.)  He's such a laid back, sweet kid.  It's great to see him coming into his own : )

  • Number One Son is engaged!!!  He finally asked his girl to marry him and it looks like the wedding will be next July before they move to Texas for grad school.  Number One is also on the front cover of a climbing magazine.  Kinda cool!  He did some climbing with a friend this year in the Brooks Range in Alaska and actually named a mountain.  Named it after his fiancee.  What an unusual, and beautiful, gift : )

  • My not quite adopted son, Guy, and I don't have as close a relationship as we once did but I think that's a good and healthy thing.  He has come a long way--he has grown and has taken my naggy advice on many fronts.  He will *never* admit to that though : ) 

  • My sweet Mister and I are continuing to enjoy getting to know each other again now that we pretty much have an empty nest.  He is still funny and sweet and a pain in the ass.  Nothing's changed : )

  • And the voices in my head for which I started this forum?  Still there : )  Still raucous and bickering and still making me who I am : )

Thank you all so so so so so much for hanging out with me and being supportive and funny and loyal.  I wish you all the best.  Take care!



Storybook Woods said...

Even though you have not been posting, I will miss you xoxo CLarice

Kuckie said...

Kristin, I have always enjoyed your posts and your funny stories. I'll be so sad to not get to read them anymore, but I'm also happy that your life is so full you don't have time to blog! So many good things are happening in your life!!! Take care...I'll miss ya! :)

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm really sorry that you're shutting things down, but understand your reasons. Sometimes I get tired of blogging too. :-)

Cindy said...

I will miss your posts...even if they had gotten few and far between. It was a nice connection....which hopefully won't get lost. Thanks for all the giggles.

Whitenoise said...

Awww... likewise, I'll miss this place.

I haven't felt the itch, myself. FB and a couple other discussion forums have kinda replaced what I used to have thru my blog. Time marches on, I guess.

Well, let's keep a link open! You know where I am...

CSY said...

Goona miss you, lady! Hope everything works out for you and yours. You've got my home email addy - send me an update sometime!

Lots of Voices in my head, too!


Tink said...

To all of your many voices--thanks for sharing your perspectives!
To your humorousness--thanks for the belly laughs!
I will miss this place!!!!

DawnA said...

Well crap! I really liked your posts. Best wishes for continued good health and happy relationships.

Angie said...

Oh Kristin- I always hoped you would come back to us but I certainly understand why you're shutting down. I should. Haven't posted in ages.

But I will miss your wonderfully funny, sometimes poignant, always honest take on life.

I hope you continue to write stuff down somewhere, somehow. You have a gift, girl. And everyone needs a creative outlet.

Much love-


Anonymous said...

It is so great that you posted such positive news. I have wondered how your new grandson has been doing. I also admit, I will miss your funny posts. You always seem to hit things right on the mark. I'm sorry we won't get to hear how things turn out for you and all of yours. But I guess we don't have to read it. I know things will turn out well for all of you. Thanks for the enjoyable reading. You will be missed!


country mouse said...

DawnA--I wrote personal thank you e-mails to everyone who commented on this post but your e-mail was put in the wrong folder and I can't find it and don't know your e-mail addy and *sigh* I feel like crap about it. Sorry : (

But what I wanted to say was thank you so much for reading and commenting! I had such fun letting loose here in a way I don't do in my every day life : )

Take care and, again, thank you for being supportive!

harada57 said...

but understand your reasons. Sometimes I get tired of blogging too. :-)