Monday, June 14, 2010

encouraging news

Whew--what a week this has been!  Yesterday our family celebrated Logan's first week with us--and that was a milestone we weren't sure we would reach. 

Logan had a cranial ultrasound and an EEG last Thursday.  The neurologist and neonatologist told Logan's parents they were "cautiously optimistic" about his prognosis.  We'll take that!!!!  All areas of his brain are functioning--they all have low voltage compared to what is normally seen in a newborn, but that is to be expected under the circumstances.  He will have another EEG sometime this week and again, we're hoping for miracles.  Frankly, that seems kind of selfish in light of what we've already been given and in light of the human suffering going on all over the world, but we're still asking for just that.

Logan has been breathing on his own for a couple days now and hasn't had any seizures (to my knowledge) during the last couple days.  His outlook is good enough that the medical staff will likely be moving him up to the intermediate nursery sometime in the next day or two.  Praise God : ) 

Here are a couple pictures--much easier to look at than the ones I posted before.  And thank you all for your thoughts and kind e-mails!

Logan and mommy having a chat

no happier feeling in the world for this girl

we've come a long way, baby!


Jen on the Edge said...

Great news!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Tink said...

Praising God along side you and believing for Little Logan's full brain recovery. These pictures are so sweet!
<3 you

Anonymous said...

That does sound like some very positive news for all of you. I am so glad you posted it, along with the great photos. He looks like such a sweet baby. I hope you hear some more positive news. My daughter had a hard delivery, and so I know it is normal for things to be a bit slower when they have a rough time arriving. So I hope that is the cause with him, too.


Cindy said...

Such sweet pics. He looks great. Love that Lindy is getting to hold him and snuggle.

Angie said...

Thanks so much for the fabulous pictures. And the update too, of course. So glad to hear he's getting better every day. What a blessing this boy is..


Whitenoise said...

I've been thinking about you and your family all weekend- at 39,000 feet, walking through crowded airports, running through parks. I have no miracles to send but there's been a steady stream of hope and best wishes. My fingers are still crossed for you and your grandson, Kristin.

CSY said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and for the update. You and yours have been in my prayers. You will continue to be. He's BEAUTIFUL!!!

country mouse said...

Julie--thank you for sharing that insight because this is all new territory for us and we're not quite sure what to expect.

Captain, I am touched. Thank you : ) I am so pleased to report that he's doing so much better than expected!