Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, Monday, so bad to me . . .

Monday was a crapfully crapful day! From beginning to end. Awful. Personal stuff. Family stuff. Work stuff. Friend stuff. AWFULLLLLLLLL!

One bright spot in my day was that my sweet, sweet husband, without knowing a thing about how sucky my day was, dropped by to see me at work and brought me flowers. Just because. Just because he loves me and likes to surprise me from time to time and let me know how much he appreciates me. You can't buy that kind of devotion.

Non bright spot?  After Doug surprised me with flowers, I asked him to go over to the coffee shop and bring me back a cup of cocoa since it was way too busy for me to go myself.  When he returned with the cocoa I was in the middle of a transaction with one of our regular customers, Mr. M. 

Handsome Mr. M was standing at the counter holding his 3 year old child while sliding his debit card through the terminal.  While Mr. M was looking down to enter his PIN, Doug put my cup down on the counter over to my right--out of Mr. M's view.  As Doug was leaving I looked over his way and said, "Thank you, Honey.  See you later."  When I looked back at my customer, I could see a funny expression on his face.  I laughed and explained, "I wasn't calling you honey--my husband was over there."  Of course by then Doug was nowhere to be seen.  Mr. M forced a nervous chuckle and told me, "I just thought you were talking to my daughter . . . "  AWKWARD!!!

Another a non bright spot?  And this one isn't even funny?  Sweet hubby took me out for dinner and drinks later that evening.  I was just unwinding and feeling okay when hubby's aunt walked in.  Hubby's aunt is a little doom-and-gloom, a little woe-is-me.  Also?  She has never approved of homeschooling--even in light of my older two kids' success . . .

I was trying to be cheerful by mentioning the light of Aunt's life--her grandkids.  "Youngest is going to attend the private school with your grandkids next year," I happily reported.

"Oh, good," she replied, "because every time I see Youngest he looks so unhappy."


a)  He's 14.  Both my daughter and I vividly recall cultivating that look on our faces when we were that age.  That look that reads, "I cannot believe I'm stuck with these people."  It's a teen thing, right?

b)  Whenever I mention this run-in with Aunt (and believe me, I mention it a lot) everyone says, "Happy-go-lucky Youngest looking unhappy?"  Exactly. 

c)  Aunt only sees Youngest once--maybe twice--yearly.  WTH is she even talking about????

d)  So what if Youngest does look unhappy.  Who says that to someone's mom?  Who talks that way? 

On the other hand, I went home that evening with a man who understands and loves me.  Aunt went home to an aging cat.  Now who's having the crappy day?


Mary said...

Sorry to hear about your awful day (although I smiled at "crapfully craptastic").

Oh, and seriously?? Youngest looking unhappy? In what alternate universe is this woman residing? Aunt better watch her step. I'm pretty sure that there's a particularly unpleasant circle of hell reserved for those who just have to say something ugly to mask their own unhappiness. Here's hoping she finds a bit of joy in herself and remembers that everyone else has feelings.

Hope the rest of your week is going better!

CSY said...

Sorry to hear about your craptastic day. Hubby is a sweetie! Aunt is just jealous...your last sentence says it all: YOU went home with an AWESOME man...SHE went home to cats...