Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I said "Be careful his bowtie is really a camera"

Driving Youngest up to the school this afternoon for track, we were in the middle of a conversation when I noticed an odd thing.

"Check it out," I said to Youngest and nodded toward the unusual scene I was watching.  "An older man walks to the corner of the high school campus, puts a suspicious box on the ground and takes a step back." 

"Wearing a cowboy hat and a suit," Youngest takes up the thread.  "And he's putting his hand into his pocket."

"You think he's going for the detonator?" I ask.  "Oh, wait a minute," I change my tone, "the side of the box is printed with the letters NKJV.  He's passing out Bibles to the students as they leave school . . . "

"Nice going, Mom!" Youngest chides.  "You've just made a terrorist out of a well-meaning pastor!"

Eh.  Can't win em all : )


ShallowGal said...

I'm equally wary of strange men handing out unsolicited religious materials. I hope you called the cops.

CSY said...

I've made a terrorist out of a granny in a wheelchair! I'm so ashamed!

Tink said...

No better explosive device than the Word of the Almight!! I think you had it right my friend~