Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A nice, tidy ring.

My husband has a friend, Chuck, who knows everything. At least my husband thinks he does.

They've known each other since they were kids. For a few years, they even worked together. That was the worst. There was no end to, "Hey Honey, guess what Chuck told me today?" and, "Chuck mentioned this book he thinks I should read." Ad nauseum.

It went so far as, "Chuck thinks we should build the porch this way . . . " with, as you might guess, my reply being, "But I think we should build it that way."

In a not terribly surprising coincidence, my lovely daughter went through a similar phase as a teenager. Only it wasn't Chuck to whom she deferred, it was her mentor, Sara.

"Hey Mom, Sara thinks I should take summer dance classes at Cornish to stretch my range and broaden my horizons!" she told me one day. Funny how she didn't hear me say exactly the same thing only days before.

"Mom, Sara wants me to start teaching classes at her studio. She thinks it will help my confidence and be a good addition to my dance resume." Really? Sara thinks that? You don't remember me thinking that several months ago?

Today, Beautiful called me with a medical/pregnancy related question. She does that a lot lately.

"You don't have a fever?"


"And you're not uncomfortable?"


"And you aren't having any other symptoms that concern you?"


"And the nurse said it was fine to wait until tomorrow to see them? She wasn't panicky like you should come in right now?"

"No, she was calm. She said it would be fine to wait."

"Okay, then I don't think you have anything to worry about. You're seeing your doctor tomorrow anyway and if you have *any* discomfort or fever tonight then you can just go in to prompt care. But I'm pretty sure your husband has said all the same things to you, hasn't he?"

"Yes. But I evidently ignored every word he said and went directly to the phone for your advice."

"You mean the way you used to do to me with Sara's advice?"

"Yep," she laughed, "just exactly like that."

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved full circle : )

Now if only I could get rid of that Chuck guy . . .


Angie said...

You, my dear, have officially arrived.

You give me hope that this is possible. Amazing!

Love, Angie

P.S.- I hope Beautiful is feeling okay...

CSY said...

Oh, wow! you mean that there is actualy HOPE the daughter will listen to me one day?

Kate said...

ywp - we've got a lot more respect for our mommas once we become one ourselves :)

Whitenoise said...

Lucky you. I'm still in the got a teen who won't listen/wife who won't listen phase.

country mouse said...

Yes, Angie, she's okay. I'll tell you more about it later. She's been having contractions all this afternoon but they have started to spread out and calm down this evening. Not quite time yet : )

Yeah, CSY, there is hope : ) It's like Kate said, they have to become parents themselves but they do eventually listen to you--they even *ask* for your advice! Weird, huh?

LOL, Captain--it's a long, bumpy road, isn't it?