Friday, December 11, 2009

Glitter? Is a nuisance. And other Christmas laments.

This is my studio:

Does it look suspiciously like a dining room table covered in Mom's craft crap?

Those are pieces of old music carefully torn into 4 x 6" sheets with the the edges glued and glittered. I'm one of those people. I am a Christmas Themer.

This year's 'theme' is music. I had this lovely idea to use old music as the backdrop to our Christmas drama. The torn and glittered bits are to be strung as garland. For our tree I wanted to make the pieces of music into cone shapes or something--haven't quite fleshed out that idea yet. Nor will I get the chance to. Because Youngest has effectively put an end to my fun . . .

"Oh no. Not a theme!" he groaned.

"Yes! A theme! The theme is music--isn't that perfect for Christmas? Flocked tree, lots of silver and glitter with a little red and green for accent!" I chirped.

Youngest was unimpressed. Youngest is 14 and is unimpressed by everything . . .

"Can't we just have a normal, old-fashioned Christmas?" he whined.

"Hmm, okay, what does 'normal, old-fashioned Christmas' mean to you?" If it meant that much to him, I was willing to bend a little to make him happy.

"The tree with all of our regular ornaments on it? Not just the ones that fit your color scheme?"

Translation: All the tacky crap we've ever purchased or been given by anyone. Like the Luke Skywalker ornament. And the blown glass Buzz Lightyear. And the gumball machine . . .

"Okay, fine. Do whatever you want with the tree, but I'm going to have my garlands up on the windows."

"No!!! I don't want your theme all over the house!"

"Seriously? I'm trying to compromise with you. You get the tree the way you want it and I get the garlands. That's not good enough for you?"


Later, having forgotten that his mother is the most despicable creature on the Earth, he came to ask me advice on gift giving. Advice which he refused to take. I mentioned he's 14, right?

And speaking of Christmas gifts--Number One Son generously purchased tickets for Beautiful and me to go watch ice dancing at the Olympics. At the OLYMPICS!!! I am beyond excited.


I have to renew my passport in order to collect on this wonderful gift. Which means a new passport photo. UGH!!!! I am a seriously craptastic picture taker!

Tonight I went to Costco to have the photos done. I was wearing my nice leather jacket with a becoming, festive red scarf. I have a really fun new chic, short haircut. I looked great! But the camera was evil and didn't like me and made me look like a chubby, colorless 40-year-old mom.

The nerve!

To recap: My themed Christmas is a bust. My 14 year old--who is normally a delightful kid--is practicing his morose, languid, detached teen skills. And my older son gave me a huge downer for Christmas disguised as something I should have loved.

Yep. Sounds like a normal day around here : )

How are you all doing with your Christmas and other holiday plans?


Storybook Woods said...

You need to remind them, their sanity is based on your happiness !!!
Hey a glitter tip. Buy a gloss over spray and it helps the glitter not fall off xoxoxox Clarice

Cindy said...

Darn...I was hoping for a pic of the new you. :)
Wow...the Olympics! What a great gift. I'm excited for you.

country mouse said...

LOL, Clarice--yes, I need to remind them of that!

Yes, Cindy, it is a fantastic gift. Ungodly expensive, but fantastic : )

Jen [btw, your comment is in the previous post--I was having some technical difficulties :) ] I did the 'whatever the kids want' thing for the first 18 years. Seven or 8 years ago I started doing themes and Youngest enjoyed doing them with me. There are lost of things he used to enjoy doing with me. All bets are off now that he is way too sophisiticated for his mother : )

Whitenoise said...

Awww, cheer up, Mouse! But-olympics- the passport may be the least of your problems, hotels are already pretty hard to get in YVR. Better hope Santa brings some sleepwear for your car!

Tink said...

No picture of your new hair hoo.

I love themes ... but tire of deciding between all the themes dancing in my heads...yes I said heads.
Merry Christmas!!!!!