Saturday, December 26, 2009

one perfect moment

That guy. Everyone knows a that guy. That guy who was hurt badly by a couple of soulless women in his 20's and 30's so he gave up attempting to trust any woman. That guy who is sincere and incredibly generous and should have had a family of his own but never did. That guy who has such a big heart to give but only pets to give it to.

My brother is that guy.

Now I can say he was that guy.

Almost a year ago he started a relationship with a wonderful, warm, faithful, giving woman. A woman worthy of my brother's kind and bountiful heart.

My brother, B, didn't even introduce his girlfriend to our family until August, so conservative was he with sharing the news that he had met someone who made him happy lest it all evaporate quickly as it had appeared.

The girlfriend has 3 children. Two are teenage girls who like B very much. The third is a 7 year old boy, Mikey. Mikey adores B. And the feeling is obviously shared.

For Christmas B built an electric train table for Mikey. Mikey ecstatically raced into the room--barely able to contain his joy! He looked and oohed and ahhed for a brief couple of moments before turning back around and making a bee line for B. Racing to B's side, Mikey spontaneously wrapped his arms around B and hugged him tight. B put his arm around Mikey's shoulders and hugged him back--an unheard of shower of affection from B.

I was immediately misty. That moment--that tiny, lightning quick moment was, for me, all the love and joy and familial warmth that is the meaning of Christmas.

I hope you all had a Christmas season filled with little moments.

Happy New Year!


Jen on the Edge said...

That is SO sweet!

Kuckie said...

That's what Christmas is all about! Such a good story. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas all the way around, Kristin!! :)

Storybook Woods said...

Now that is the Christmas magic, Merry Christmas xoxoxo Clarice

Angie said...

How great was that? I'm so glad to hear of the long-awaited happiness in your brother's life.What a great Christmas moment!Love, Angie

Cindy said...

Totally, totally what makes magical moments. I'll bet your brothers heart skipped a beat. Thanks for sharing.

Whitenoise said...

What a great story. :-)

Kate said...

great story! What a perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! Hope your year is off to a wonderful start! Sorry I haven't been by much - hoping to get back to blogging more in the new year :)

Anonymous said...

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