Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I don't know quite how to explain the chain of events that happened inside my head which got me to this point . . .

Let's start with Dave. In fact, let's just skip right to saying it's Dave's fault.

Dave posted this entry. I thought it was funny and immediately recognized the everyday usefulness of the phrase.

However--and I guess this is because I have two young grandchildren and read lots of kids' stories--since initially seeing it within the context of Busytown, I can't divorce that phrase from children's literature.

Every kids' book I can think of--including every book I read to Gabe or Lily--has an opportunity to insert this versatile little epithet.

For example: Old Yeller, just as Travis headed toward him with the rifle, surely must have been thinking, "this is bull**it."

Cinderella, when given a mile-long chore list to complete before being allowed to go to the ball, had to have been silently saying to her evil step mother, "this is bull**it."

It even works with nursery rhymes:
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy ate roast beef,
This little piggy said, "this is bull**it"

Nothing--no piece of literature, no sentimental movie, no historical figure--is exempt from my mind's heedless substitution of any poignant moment with my new favorite phrase.

And you know what the British Royal Governor was thinking as colonists dumped boatloads of tea into Boston Harbor, right?


Jen on the Edge said...

That is brilliant. I love the Richard Scarry book with the adult words added.

CSY said...

Of course now we're all probably going to be saying that ALL the time now...but that's ok! I LOVE grown up words...cuz the kiddies can't say them yet...within adult hearing.

Anonymous said...

now i'll be trying not to let that slip out when i read lily a bed time story

country mouse said...

I know, Jen, right? It can be added to *any* children's book! Of course, as CSY and Anon point out, it will come flying out of my mouth at the most inopportune time . . .

So, anon, when you're reading Curious George to Gabe and the man in the yellow hat is searching for a missing naughty monkey, is he going to look around and the evidence of mischief and say, "This is bull**it." heh heh : D

Whitenoise said...

(wondering how that could be worked into a Disney lyric...)

country mouse said...

I'm sure it could work, Captain! I'll have to get to work on that : )

ShallowGal said...

I've been working on a post re-writing Clifford the Big Red Dog to better match the pictures and I think you've helped me get past my writer's block.

xo, A

bingoboat said...

After reading that, I find it hard to get it off my system. LOL! not good! I don't want my young ones to imitate me. Well, as long as we are in an appropriate place we can freely shout B**ls**t!