Sunday, August 2, 2009

Daddy's little girl

One of my all-time favorite pictures of my daughter is from 1994. Beautiful was 6 and we were at Knott's Berry Farm. I was walking behind Beautiful and my husband as I snapped the photo. She was holding her daddy's hand. He was looking down at her, talking. She was looking up at him with the sunshine on her precious face.

Yesterday, as Daddy was walking her down the aisle to give her away, I noticed she was holding his hand. She briefly looked up at him and he down at her. The sun was shining on her lovely face. Any guesses as to when I started to cry?

Beautiful married a man who is a lot like her dad. We were surrounded by beloved friends and family. My two adorable grandchildren were in the wedding party. Number One Son delivered a touching toast to his little sister and his new brother-in-law. Youngest entertained the crowd when he busted out dance moves--and a complete lack of inhibition--which were, heretofore, not known to exist.

At the end of a very, very, very, long day, my husband slid into bed beside me, held me very close and whispered, "I love you."

Who could ask for anything more?


Storybook Woods said...

You know one of my favorite scenes last night, was hubby helping beautiful out of the car. Offering his hand to her. It was so special. I have a wonderful vantage point up there (in the shade ;-). I will work on photos this week and send them to you xoxox Clarice

Whitenoise said...

awww... Congratulations to Beautiful and her man, to Grammy Kristin and Grampa, too.

Cindy said...

You cried when I cried at Jenns! Nothing like seeing our daughters walking down the aisle with their Daddy. I can still cry if I think too hard about it. And when Dan got married yesterday I shed my tears when Faith walked in...something about it!!!
Sounds like it was a lovely wedding. Hope to see more pics....hint, hint.

Angie said...

The wedding was beautiful. Beautiful was beautiful. It was touching and sweet and wonderful. Thanks for letting me witness this life changing day for your family. It was great.


ps-You were beautiful too, Grammy!

Mary said...

What a lovely day it was, Kristin. I can't tell you how many times tears came to my eyes. Clarice was shocked. : ) My stoic "New Englandness" (as she puts it) was no match for the day.

Totally agree with Angie, Kristin. You looked smashing!

Kate said...

::sniff sniff:: Conrgats to the Mother of the Bride! I wish them all the blessings of a happy marriage, and a true friendship.

Kate said...

::sniff sniff:: Conrgats to the Mother of the Bride! I wish them all the blessings of a happy marriage, and a true friendship.

Tink said...

Put to words as only a mother could. Can't wait to see more images!!! God is awesome for giving me such faithful, braveheart fellow moms in my life to journey along side and witness picking their harvests!!! Ahhh such beautiful sweet fruit your basket holds.