Saturday, July 18, 2009

talk the talk

We have been a significant part of Sweet Pea's life since she was born. We babysit several times a week at our house and I'm frequently at their house as well. It's been such a privilege to watch her change and grow. Babies are endlessly fascinating to watch.

She has been crawling for some time. And now she stands up on her own--it's so cool because she'll be in the middle of a room or the yard and, with nothing to help her, she'll just stand up. Cutest thing ever : )

She also talks! She says mama and dada and yumyum (which comes out more like num num : ) She says hi and bye bye and Gabe (big brother's name.) And she says doggie.


But not Grammy.


It won't be long, I'm quite sure, until she learns that to get the things she really wants (that pretty dress or candy . . . or a pony . . . ) "Grammy" is the only word necessary : )


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better she only says mama when no one else is there for her to talk to. and even then it's an irritated sounding "MAMA-MA-MA-MAMA!"

Whitenoise said...

She'll have the word soon enough, and then it'll never stop... ;-)