Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I think they make drugs for that . . .

I had a dream last night that I was cleaning out my purse. It was a mess. At first, I was pulling out food wrappers and half-empty bottles of soda. Not much of a stretch from reality.

Next, I started removing books from my purse--books that had been stained and leaked on by the food wrappers and half-empty bottles of soda.

Again, not a huge deviation from my real life.

Next, I pulled out a banjo.

That's just weird. Because I don't keep my banjo in my purse.


Whitenoise said...

You have a banjo?!

Is this like a Steve Martin thing or a Deliverance thing...? ;-)

CSY said...

VERY cool! A banjo in your purse? I thought I was weird by carrying around my harmonica and cymbols!

Jen on the Edge said...

Darn, Whitenoise beat me to the Steve Martin comment.

Storybook Woods said...

No chocolate ???? xoxoxox Clarice

Angie said...

My gosh, banjos must mean the same thing to everyone because my mind went directy to Deliverance and Steve Martin as well!

As for you Kristin....Hmmm. Maybe you watched a lot of Let's Make a Deal when you were little and you're hoping Monty Hall will choose you to fish around in your purse for odd things.

Or you're just weird.

Mary said...

Okay, this is totally pathetic. Everyone else thinks of "Deliverance" or Steve Martin. Want to know what I thought of when I saw "banjo"?


"Hee Haw".

Dear God, freakin' "Hee Haw". It doesn't bear thinking about for any length of time.

Blame my southern parents. It doesn't matter that I was born and bred in New England, they're from the south. Waaay down south where my father is concerned.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Blame the parents. That seems to be working well with my girls.

country mouse said...

Clarice--I'm pretty sure some of the food wrappers were from *fabulous* chocolate : )

As for the rest of you? You guys totally crack me up and I *love* that you all thought Steve Martin and Deliverance.

Except, of course, for you, Mary. Of all the people in the world, you are the LAST one I would have thought might have ever been touched by Hee Haw. You know this admission is going to plauge you, right? ; )

Oh, and yes, Angie--I *did* watch Let's Make A Deal and I *did* plan on walking around with a paper clip, a scuba mask and a hard boiled egg in my purse *just in case*!

ShallowGal said...

I just cleaned out my nightstand drawer and found ELEVEN hotel sewing kits. Take that Monty Hall.

xoxo, SG

SecretSpinelessWhine said...

are you sure that you weren't dream cleaning MY purse?

SecretSpinelessWhine said...

Are you sure that you weren't dream-cleaning MY purse? (sorry for the double comment, I had to fix the link. I'm exhausted)