Sunday, March 8, 2009


*A shout out to Jenny the Blogess. Which has precisely nothing to do with this post.

We came up with a new only-funny-when-you're-drinking game!

Saturday night Hubby and I were invited to hang out at a local bar by Number One Son and his girlfriend, Delight.

There was an enthusiastic, crowd pleasing band and the place was packed. Feeling all sloshy from my traditional 1/2 of a drink, I leaned over to Hubby and asked, "So what do you think the band members do for day jobs?"

He and I laughingly took 30 seconds to come up with their backstories.

By that time, Number One and Delight had joined us so I said, "Take a look at the band. Try to figure out what they do 9 to 5 and we'll compare notes!"

The kids thought this sounded like fun. Of course, they were both kinda lit so pretty much anything sounded fun. : )

Putting their heads together to confer, they took this task far less casually than Hubby and I had.

[I'm so sorry there aren't close up photos of these guys!]

The Keyboardist (all the way to the left)

  • Number One and Delight said: He's a car salesman. Definitely a car salesman.
  • Hubby and I said: We didn't even see him--our view was blocked. Upon inspection, we agree with the kids. Salesman. But we added that on the side he's either a Cub Scout leader or a Pee Wee wrestling coach.

The Guitarist with the short, white, messy hair (2nd from right)

  • I said he's a CPA.
  • Number One determined that he sells retail--probably at a local music store. Frankly, Number One is probably guessing closer to the truth, but I like to believe the man combs that wild mop of hair, dons a three piece and advises folks about deductions . . .

The Singer (who must be in her late 40s but is in fantastic shape and has a kick-ass voice)

  • Hubby and I came up with nurse. Probably a surgery nurse.
  • Number One and Delight disagree with me and slightly with each other. Number One says she married well and her husband bought her a bead shop in the touristy part of town. Delight says there is no ownership involved, but she definitely sells beads at the little shop in town. Either way, those kids are very detailed with their make believe stories!

The Drummer

  • Number One and Delight couldn't see him from their vantage point so they passed on this one.
  • I said he's a stock analyst.
  • Hubby said he's a stalker. With an extensive comic book collection . . .

And finally, The Other Guitarist (all the way to the right--with the scraggly long hair--in the first photo)

  • Hubby and I say he lives in his mother's basement.
  • Number One and Delight say he's a bus driver for the local transit company.
  • Number One and Delight amended their original decision and say that The Other Guitarist With the Scraggly Long Hair is a bus driver for the local transit company who lives in his mother's basement.

Such is bonding with my grown children : )


Whitenoise said...

Thank goodness for day jobs... (sigh)

countrymouse said...

Captain, your sigh leads me to believe you miss the days of being a DJ and having that 'other life' going on apart from your day job : )