Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I haz skillz.
Here, I demonstrate my
stick out tongue and blow teh bubblez

I iz learning ta sit up so big!

Crunchez! Huzzah!

I can haz toes!

Givin' my mama the 411

I haz wicked sweet sleepy skillz:

Behold: Crawling Skillz


Storybook Woods said...

I could just look at her all day xoxox Clarice

CSY said...

AWW!!! Mine aren't like that they're just eaters and screamers...MOM! Where's my socks! I KNOW you're enjoying her.
Wandered over from...oh, hell, now I can't remember who I came from - hope you don't mind!

countrymouse said...

I know, Clarice--me too! Whenever I go to Lily's house and she's asleep, her mommy actually gets her up so I can hold her and play with her : )

Hi CSY--totally glad you stopped by for a visit! I just took a quick peek at your blog--you seem like you'd be kick-ass fun at a party : )

Jen on the Edge said...

Are you sure she's crawling in that last photo? It looks more like she's passed out. :-)

Whitenoise said...

Very cute! ;-)

Miss Got Wings said...

OMG - she's gotten so big since i last read! She is just precious. Too much crawling I see . . . . it gets ya everytime.