Sunday, March 15, 2009

my date with a young man

More shopping with Youngest on Friday afternoon.

He and I can't agree on clothing. I try to be laid back about it and allow him to dress the way he likes, but I have to draw the line occasionally.

And Heaven forbid that I like a piece of clothing and suggest he try it on. I am met with the sigh . . . the rolling of the eyes . . . the "Oh, Mom . . . " and the criticism. Always the criticism. With the implication that it should be so obvious even a mother could catch on . . . "It looks too 'Charlie Sheen' " is one of my favorites.

"It was easier when Dad and I bought my last pair of jeans," he wanly complained, "I tried them on, we both liked them, and we were done."

"But Youngest, they aren't a good looking pair of pants."

"They're comfortable!"

"Comfortable they may be, but they look slobby. And you shouldn't ever leave the house looking like a slob. For that matter, you shouldn't hang out inside the house looking like a slob."

"Well, some day when I have a house of my own I'm going to wear anything I want. As long as my wife lets me . . . "

After shopping, we had dinner out and generally had an enjoyable evening together. In the car on the way home the subject of girls came up--as it inevitably does with a 13 year old boy. After he let it slip that there's a girl he likes at church (and after the ensuing round of probing questions from me) I mentioned that it's best this girl doesn't know he likes her because he's a bit young for a girlfriend just yet.

"I don't want a girlfriend," he adamantly stated. "Girls mess with your head."

"Yeah--you saw what having a girlfriend did to your brother," I joshed.

He answered, "Oh, the humanity!"

Clothes. Girls. Oy.


Whitenoise said...

Teenagers! Mine's only a year older than yours. I can relate.

CSY said...

UGH! My oldest is 12 and I am NOT looking forward to the BOY conversations we're gonna end up having! But I totally feel you on the sigh, eye roll thing.

countrymouse said...

Oh CSY--are you ever in for some fun!!!

I have a hilarious (well, I think it's hilarious) story about my 13 year old, but I can't post it because it would be such a betrayal. Let's just say that 13yob = interesting questions . . .