Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Conversation. Or maybe I mean confrontation?

She said: "I bought something today."

He asked: "Oh? What?"

She answered: "A heart monitor for keeping track of my workout."

He skeptically asked: "How much?"

She explained: "I was using the loaner ones they have at the gym, but I was concerned about getting hepatitis via sweat from the other people who use them."

He patiently asked again: "How much was the monitor, Kris?"

She explained some more: "It was on sale--20% off!"

He lost his patience: "I didn't ask you if it was on sale. I asked you how much you spent on it."

She sheepishly answered: "$95"

He exclaimed: "You spent 95 of our hard earned dollars?"

She tried a hard sell: "But look at all the cool features it has! See? It tells how long my workout was; how many calories I burned; how many of those calories were from fat; what my highest and lowest heart rates were; what my average heart rate was . . . "

He took a mischievous interest: "Let me look at that. It also tells me that you worked out for 45 minutes and spent 95 dollars!"

She didn't miss a beat: "But think of all the money in medical bills and prescriptions and a liver transplant I'm saving us by not getting hepatitis from the loaner heart monitors! Who's the savvy investor now, huh? Mmm hmm. That's right."

She called after him as he walked away: "Hey--eye rolling is not an answer!"


Whitenoise said...

female arguments... A man can't win. ;-)

countrymouse said...

So yeah, Captain--that leads us the question *why* would a man even attempt to argue when it's a foregone conclusion that he can't win?

: )