Sunday, January 25, 2009

my grandbabies

Umm, so yeah. I've pretty much been reduced to posting pictures of the grandkids and little else. Luckily, they're really, really cute : )

I love this photo of Gabe and Lily. They both look so happy--which is not a true representation of what was going on while I tried to snap a few frames.

Gabe adores Lily. He always refers to her as "my baby." He never calls her Lily or even the baby. Always "my baby."

One evening while babysitting, I thought I'd try, for the eleventy millionth time, to get a nice picture of both kids together. Gabe usually loves to have his picture taken, but on that evening he was more interested in watching Wall-E. "My baby's hurting my tummy," he protested. She wasn't hurting him, her head was in the way of his movie viewing.

In the meantime, Lily shows signs of becoming quite the little diva! We were all concerned that Gabe would be the one to show typical sibling jealousy. He never has. Lily, on the other hand, squawks and tells us all what-for if we're paying too much attention to her big brother. It's adorable now . . . but 13 years from now?

The night before she was born, I had a dream that Lily turned out to be not at all like her mother (thoughtful, insightful, unselfish) but instead was just like me. My dreams are never prophetic. Except maybe this one time : )


Angie said...

Ohmygosh, I love the look on Lily's face-and her little hand reaching up. And Gabe is such a cutie! You certainly got a great picture of the kids. I'm so glad he's gentle and kind to her and that she's "his baby". That attitude makes all the difference.

Whitenoise said...

Cute kids. ;-)

ShallowGal said...

Oh yeah, you're in trouble.

xoxo, SG