Friday, January 30, 2009

Diet's going great! Thanks for asking : )

Dieting is a bitch. I hate it. But it's going very well for me, nonetheless.

Know what I'm really angry about though? I let so much weight sneak back on over the last 5 or 6 months. It just makes me sick that all the success I'm having right now doesn't really count because I'm not quite back to where I was last summer.

D'oh! Stupid food that I love! And stupid utter lack of discipline and will power!

This is what my current diet looks like to my beloved family:

A view of my counter top:

Please, excuse the lack of proper punctuation on the banana . . .

But I do not withhold my affection for my family, even in my zeal, as evidenced by the backside of the 'BACK OFF BUCKY' banana:

This one's a bit difficult to read:

The tender message whispers, "Hands off, you little bastards!"

A look at my freezer door:

And the refrigerator greeting:

The pineapple is perfectly readable, but the label on the cottage cheese?:

"Selfish Mama's" but they don't even need to read it, they've been down this road with me before--they know!

heh heh--if you can find a better way to keep two boys out of the special milk, let me know ; )


Whitenoise said...

haha! You're too funny, Mouse. ;-)

Jen on the Edge said...

You are brilliant.

Kate said...

hahaha - that's great! Sounds like something I could use around here. Thanks for the ingenious idea!

Tink said...

Mother's milk made me think of the ole days of pumping....thank goodness you are not lactating and dieting! :)