Tuesday, December 9, 2008

car parts figured in prominently, part I

What a difference a day makes. Okay, more like a year. Well, 14 months and a grandbaby if we're going to be accurate : )

In 2007, Hubby and I took our daughter out to dinner for her 20th birthday. We asked her if she would like to bring the new guy she was seeing. We regretted that decision later.

It was too much pressure. We thought she was just sort of "hanging out" with the new guy. We didn't realize they were an exclusively dating couple. Meeting him for the first time would have been so much better under more casual circumstances. Not at a restaurant over her birthday dinner.

Her boyfriend, Dan, was nervous. And he tends to come off as arrogant and a bit know-it-all when he's nervous. The worst part was when the subject of Beautiful's car came up. Dan knows a lot about cars, but my dear hubby has a lifetime of experience fixing, researching, restoring, buying and selling cars. Dan was in over his head. He accidentally said things that were insulting to Hubby.

It was not the best of beginnings.

A few months later, Beautiful discovered that she was pregnant. Hubby and I were reconciled to the fact that this relationship wasn't casual.

Since then, we have had occasion to observe that Dan treats our daughter with respect. He values her. They are equal partners in their relationship. What more could parents want for their child?

And things with Hubby and Dan got much better over time. In fact, so much better, that it appears that Hubby is just about as close to being a surrogate father to Dan (whose father died when he was 15) as one can imagine.

Fourteen months after that prickly first meeting, we had another dinner together at the same restaurant. This time it wasn't just us with Beautiful and Dan. Dan's 3 1/2 year old, Little Guy, was there. As was Lily, of course : ) And Dan's mom, Robin, was visiting from Tennessee. With her new husband who Dan had never met.

While talking to his beloved mom's new husband, Marty, I noticed Dan had turned his chair and was sitting next to Hubby as though they were on the same team, as though Hubby was in Dan's corner and had Dan's back. It was an interesting change from a little over a year ago.

The good part--the funny part--in the next edition . . . .


Jen on the Edge said...

I love it. Things have worked out so well.

Miss Got Wings said...

things certainly happen for a reason.

now bring on the funny part!