Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's okay--go ahead and let the bastards get you down

When I arrived at work on Friday morning at 11:00, Alicia looked up with a relieved expression and said, "Oh good! You're here!"

"Uh oh," I answered, "it's been that bad already?"

"I don't know if it's just me," she explained, "but it seems that customers are really grumpy today."

Two hours later she asked me, "So, is it just me or are people out of sorts?"

I confirmed her theory. "Yeah--just 5 minutes ago one of the customers was so appalled when I explained there were no refills left on his prescription that he threw a pen at me. THREW A PEN AT ME!"

And that's when Alicia and I mixed up a pitcher of Margaritas and told all the rude people to elf off.

Okay. We didn't actually do that. But we sure did want to : )


jenontheedge said...

What the hell?!? Are people really that rude? I would NEVER act like that with someone who was trying to help me.

Geggie said...

Threw a pen at you? Does that constitute assault?

Mary said...

A pitcher of margaritas *and* the opportunity to tell rude people off?

Count me in.

Sorry you had to face pen wielding tantrum throwers.