Thursday, November 20, 2008

In which Countrymouse ventures into a political subject

At the gym this morning (and thanks for the inspiration, Captain : ) I was halfheartedly reading the script at the bottom of the muted TV screen tuned in to one of the news networks. The talk was about the hotly debated Big 3 bailout request.

On the subject of whether the executives would sell their company jets and fly home coach, one of the anchors mentioned that the news network was getting unusually high input through facebook, myspace and twitter.


Is it me or does twittering one's political ideas trivialize the whole process? It doesn't leave time for reflection. For research. For weighing and examining. For serious thought.

Of course popular feedback to media sources doesn't have a direct correlation to public policy. Yet. But one wonders, how close are we to no longer having a government based on the will of the people? Rather seeing it reduced to the whim of the people.

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Mary said...

Great food for thought, Kristin.

I *hate* the idea of our presidential candidates, or honestly any person running for office, showing up on shows like SNL, Jon Stewart, etc. The whole pop culture, "who would you most like to have a beer with" mentality that leads into choosing a candidate horrifies me. Simply the fact that the news organization even report on the Twitter/Facebook/Myspace feedback they're getting is proof enough that we're seeing the death of true, thoughtful social discourse/debate/dialogue