Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feet Friday

I don't know from where Feet Friday originated. All I know is she does it. So does she. And her too.

I don't usually do what everybody else does. I won't Nablopomo. I don't Blogher. It's just not in my nature. But the feet thing? I can't help it. Everything about this baby--everything--is cute to me. Especially her tiny pink feet : )


Whitenoise said...

Has she reached the smiley stage yet? (I'm thinkin' it's soon, since you haven't yet posted smiley photos...)

countrymouse said...

Yes--smiling, doing that baby cooing "talk" . . . *sigh* It's the sweetest thing : ) I sing to her a lot and every time I sing 'Heart and Soul' she makes noises as though she's trying to sing along. And I melt every time : )

A smiley photo from about a week and a half ago:

ShallowGal said...

I have baby feet right next to me today. Teeny tiny, impossibly small newborn baby feet. :-)

xoxo, Amy

countrymouse said...

Amy! How has your weekend been? I've been thinking about you and what a noble thing you're doing and what sad circumstances must lead to that tiny baby being in foster care : (

I'm sure baby has basked in your warmth and care.

Tink said...

Ahh...the story behind Feet Friday...that is one for Cindy to tell...I think it was inspired by one of my obsessive picture taking weekends that also included much alcohol. :) Those are some sweet baby feet Grammie!

disa said...