Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn Corners

My friend Angie reminded me that I haven't done "corners" in quite some time. And she's right. And I have writer's block, so "corners" seemed like the way to go : )

Once again, we visit my living room. This photo makes it look kinda cozy. And as I took this picture there was a toasty fire in the hearth and that candle you see burning gave off a warm, inviting vanilla ambiance.

That's where the coziness ends. Because if you look closely, or not even all that closely, you'll see evidence that a real family lives here. House Beautiful we are not . . .

Speaking of that homey vanilla candle?

It, and its accompaniments, are only placed there to hide this:

. . . the telltale blue stain of the Windex bottle . . . placed there all leaky when somebody was helping me out by cleaning the windows. I love that the somebody cleaned the windows for me! And hey, a few carefully placed apples and a candle is a small price to pay!

I didn't even bother to get the piano in the picture. Because the top of the piano looks like this:

Yes, that's an antique mirror with clean, nice lines . . . and die cast model cars. Notice how the hoods are up so everyone visiting my house can admire the plastic engines? That was Youngest's idea. An idea encouraged by his father.

This used to be a nice leather chair. And then we bought it. And lived with it. And stained it a few thousand times with food and wet hair from the shower and salt-water-logged swim trunks . . . It's impossible to keep anything nice in my house.

Next to the chair is a cute little end table on which I keep my latest sewing projects. The one currently sitting there is a quilt . . . for a baby . . . who was born nearly 6 weeks ago . . . Shhh--don't tell!

Next to the unfinished quilt is yet more evidence that I live with boys:

Electrical tape and candy wrappers.
Don't ask . . .

This is my couch. What's left of it, anyway. It was a hand-me-down. And it used to be a nice shade of off white. Now its color is sort of brownish grayish indescribable boyish.
I keep the lap blanket and throw pillows on the couch not for the punch of seasonal color, but for the camouflage effect:

Beneath that cuddly blanky is this--black dye from Arnold Schwarzenegger Halloween hair. Hair about which I recall expressly telling a certain Youngster, "DO NOT sit on the couch until you've shampooed that stuff out!"
What do the throw pillows hide, you ask?

Just more stains. Stains from people eating in this room. Stains from house guests and grown children who sleep on this couch. Stains from just about anything you can think of.

And why don't I just flip the cushions over, you ask?

Maybe it's because the backside of the cushion looks like this:

Families. Who needs 'em?
And look what special treat I found when I lifted the cushion to take a picture:

Halloween candy.
Very nice.
Get the vacuum, Youngest. You've got work to do.
Most of the time, though, my couch issues aren't noticeable because these days it's usually covered with this:

Which is usually covered with this:

Wasn't that a clever way for me to post yet another grandbaby picture while making you think it was a real post?
heh heh


jenontheedge said...

What a comfortable, cozy room. I love what you did with the candle and fruit on the table.

That lovely baby gets more precious every day!

Whitenoise said...

I see your living room and raise you two dogs and two cats...

~*Liz*~ said...

Looks very similar to my house.

Cute baby!


Cindy said...

And when baby Lily is toddler Lily you can add snot, peanut butter, snot, yogurt, snot, crayons....did I say snot? :) But you won't care, you'll love every minute of it and you'll tell Mommy no, it doesn't matter, leave her be...then quietly grab the spot cleaner when they go home. :)
Have I ever mentioned to you that grandbabies rock?

Angie said...

Kristin! Finally-corners!
I think my favorite is the cars on top of the piano. I can so relate. I am constantly debating with Ralph over where it is appropriate to display such things (oh-and hot rod posters, let's not forget those..) Oh, and the black hair spray. That stuff is the work of the devil....
Honestly, your home is always homey and inviting and comfortable. All these little flaws just make it more so. You can have that perfectly clean and decorated home when you are a little old lady, I guess.


Mary said...

Finally. A "Fall Corner" that I can relate to. Given the fact that our dog has *trashed* our sofa, Whitenoise's comment resonated nearly as much with me as your post. : )

Great stuff.