Monday, October 20, 2008

new photos

I have a couple posts swimming around in my head, but that's all the progress they've made so far.

Instead of writing something entertaining (?) I'll comply with Captain Whitenoise's request for more baby photos : )

uncle is quite fond of this sweet little bundle

This baby is *so* strong! She's already rolling halfway over--it's unbelievable!

lovin her mama


Whitenoise said...

Right on! Good on ya, Grams.

ShallowGal said...

That first picture has Christmas card written all over it. Hell, it's so adorable *I* might use it on my Christmas card.

Hope the good things keep coming !

xoxo, amy

jenontheedge said...

What a beautiful baby!

Mary said...

Oh my - that child is truly adorable. Sooo cute.

Really lovely photos, Kristin.