Friday, October 10, 2008

more creative cursing

Since she was 16ish Beautiful has been adept at expressing her frustration through her own creative made-up swear words.

Youngest carries on the tradition.

Knowing I'm not fond of hearing children swear, he has come up with a few replacement words. Like "get your donkey in the car and let's go already!" Clever, no?

Yesterday I was trying to tell him something but he wasn't buying my explanation.

*cough* bell's palsy *cough* was his response.

I'm actually kind of impressed. A perfectly acceptable way to tell mom you think she's full of bullshit without being profane.



Whitenoise said...

That is rather clever.

Miss Got Wings said...

Nice! I may just use a few of those myself.

For now, though, I use "God Bless America!" and "Son of a Monkey!"

Mary said...

Like Miss Got Wings, my mother used "God Bless America" all the time.

Bell's Palsy? Serious impressive. :) At least it's not STFU or questions about what STFU is. *shudder* Stuffoo might sound good, but a swear, even as a clever acronym, is still a swear. I have my eldest to thank for the accute interest my youngest exhibits in trying to figure out just what "STFU" means.

countrymouse said...

I know, right, Whitenoise? I'm kinda proud of the kid : )

Kate, I use something similar--mine came from some children's movie, I think--"son of a beach ball!" It works : )

Omigosh, Mary, Beautiful and I just had such a good laugh over your comment as she tried to puzzle out STFU. It only took her a minute and then she looked all sheepish followed by surprised and dismayed that her mother knew that acronym before she did--it was quite funny :D

hesslei said...

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