Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Indluge me, please.

Like I leave much choice, right?
The sweet thing about the Halloween costume for the baby is how it got finished.
We were getting ready to go to a party this morning with Youngest's home school group. Baby Lily was coming with us and I was trying to finish up her outfit but was running out of time. Uncle Youngest, wearing his "Terminator" costume, sat on the couch and patiently sewed pearl beads onto the baby's T-shirt. Wish I had a picture of that : )

what the 13 year old boy tried to look like . . .



Kuckie said...

Awwww, how cute!!! I can't believe you didn't show us a pic of Youngest in his costume! Did he end up looking like Ah-nold???

Miss Got Wings said...

hahaha - that is so cute! Where'd you get the little clam shells?

jenontheedge said...

You're right -- I'd love to see Uncle Youngest sewing pearls onto a costume.

She's precious of course!

Becca said...

The Terminator is SO timelessly badass. Seriously, that movie will never get old.

Love to see Youngest in his costume. ^_^

countrymouse said...

He ended up looking like a cute little Ah-nold, Kukie : )

Kate, I made the clam shells but they were difficult and my sewing machine wasn't cooperating so they're quite pathetic up close : ) I tea dyed a baby t-shirt and tacked the shells onto it. Youngest added the pearls and voila! We had fun making it for her : )

I'll post a photo of Youngest in full garb tomorrow sometime.

Whitenoise said...

cute ;-)