Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 13th was the big day!

Or, it was supposed to be . . .

Beautiful's due date came and went and there is no baby yet to show for it.

Beautiful is ready. She is so done being pregnant! She is tired and achy and her feet are swollen and she feels ginormous.


My allergies are my nemesis. One of the weapons in my arsenal is Benadryl. In order to sleep well at night, I take a pink and white friend (or two) before bed.

A couple nights ago, when things had been particularly bad for me, I took two capsules and headed off to our bedroom. Hubby and I laid there talking as the sleepiness took over.

And then the phone rang.

My first thought was, "Oh crap, I took two antihistamines and now I can't drive! Plus, I'd really rather not get up and get dressed. I sure hope she's not in labor!"

Yeah, I'm gonna be a fabulous birth partner!

Hubby and Beautiful laughed heartily at me the next day. She is well aware that once I'm asleep (or well on my way) I tend to be a bit grumpy. And uncooperative. And, well, sort of ill-natured, one might say. The Benadryl only serves to magnify these traits--besides adding groggy and muddled thinking to my menu.

So as long as labor doesn't get too serious in the middle of the night, we'll be okay.

Once I'm awake in the morning, I'm fine. After an hour or two, that is.

First thing in the morning I'd rather not be spoken to. And if you try to speak to me, I make it astronomically clear that I'd just as soon not chat.

So as long as Beautiful doesn't require my help first thing in the morning, we'll be okay.

I'm good in the afternoon though. And I'm great at night. I'm a devoted night owl as well. So, Beautiful, if you're reading, why don't you plan early labor for early afternoon and try to have the whole thing over with by about 2 a.m., k?

And try for one of my days off? That'd be best.

Oh, but not on the weekend. I like my weekends free with your dad.

So, a weekday when I'm not at work--not too early in the day and not too late at night.

Call me if you need me : )


Miss Got Wings said...

hoep you feel better! (and hope that baby doesn't come in the middle of your precious sleep - ha!)

i too am an allergy sufferer, taking daily doses of Zyrtec . . . . until I discovered SinusRinse by NeilMed (same makers of the NetiPot). Now I just use that 2x a day, no sleepy side effects, all natural ingredients, and I can breathe when i wake up (which is a miracle!). I highly recommend it.

Whitenoise said...

Yeah, and tell her not to take too long... Our first kept us up all night. Little bugger- started labour in the early evening, didn't finish until 04:00, then left the place a mess (kicked the placenta back into a closet or under the bed or something...) Couldn't finally get some sleep until 09:00 the next day.

jenontheedge said...

So now the waiting begins....

Storybook Woods said...

I have been thinking of beautiful all weekend. xoxox Clarice

Anonymous said...

well i'll get out my planner and see when i can make this work for you :)

countrymouse said...

Kate, we carry SinusRinse but I've never looked at it. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Ooh, yeah--good point, Captain 'Noise. I'll get her to add "not too long" to the checklist . ..

Jen and Clarice--I'll post pictures THE MINUTE I have some : )

waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

Kuckie said...

I can't believe no baby yet!!! I'm sure Beautiful will time it all perfectly so as not to disturb your nightime ritual! ;0)

Amy said...

Nah, first babies take forever. Take the benedryl. She'll still be in labor in the morning

xoxo, SG

Tink said...

I can't wait to read the arrival matter what time of day or night it is you are going to be awesome! :)