Monday, September 1, 2008

I know I look a little younger than my husband, but . . .

About 10:00 last night I heard a knock.

When I opened the door, my husband's friend, Colin, was standing on the porch. I could see on his face that it had been a long, difficult day and Colin was tired.

He asked, "Is your dad home?"

We both burst out laughing.

Best completely accidental compliment EVER!


Jan said...

Take any compliment you can get, any time, no questions asked.

Miss Got Wings said...

such a struggle for me to take compliments; I always end up questioning them.

ajooja said...

That's so awesome! :)

My daughter's babysitter mentioned that I look good for someone in their 50's. (Gulp! I'm 42.)

countrymouse said...

Oh, ajooja--that's super sucky! I'm sure to someone as young as the babysitter (I'm assuming she's young?) anyone over 27 looks 50ish : )

You're so right, Jan--no questions asked : )

I don't do well with compliments either, Kate, but this situation was just so funny--wasn't a problem at all!