Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another good reason not to work out . . .

Yesterday evening when I walked into the cardio room at the gym, a young woman had the TV tuned to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Kris Jenner is quite possibly the world's worst mother.

In the episode playing during my grueling elliptical ride, daughter Kim was considering the offer to pose for Playboy. Mom Kris pushed the idea hard.

Not only did Kris think it was a superfantastic idea for her daughter to pose (in spite of step dad Bruce Jenner's objections . . . perhaps wondering what effect this choice might have on the future decisions of his own daughters . . . ) Kris as much as admitted that she was living out her own dream through her daughter.

Oh, and? While daughter Kim was refusing to take her top off during the photo shoot? Mom Kris practically begged her to do it.

And then came the cardinal sin.

Kris used the word "fertographer" in front of her children.

Clearly, CPS needs to get involved.


Amy said...

My son brought home a note from his teacher today that said "please EXCEPT my apology" and I'm ready to homeschool.

Yours in pickiness, SG

Miss Got Wings said...

gah! be gone bad grammar!

Kuckie said...

O.M.G!!! How many brain cells did you lose during this program??? LOL!!

ajooja said...

Come on! Kim Kardashian only has one asset (no pun intended). She would be best served to shake that big ol' thing all over the place but never show all of it.

I'd love to see her ass naked but I don't think it's a good career move.

Whitenoise said...

I guess I should watch tv occasionally, 'cause I have no idea who you're talking about... Amusing little post, 'though. Glad to see you writing again, Mouse.

Anonymous said...

i'm so confused as to what these people are on tv for?

Tink said...

Arggggg, my middle child watches that show...I mean garbage. What did I do wrong? :)