Thursday, August 28, 2008

it feels a little like stealing

As newlyweds, Hubby and I bought a modest house. Eleven months into our marriage we also welcomed our first child.

In other words, according to our choices, we had a life full of commitments and lacking in disposable income. Which is fine--it's what we wanted.

But now suddenly having spare, obligation-free time and squandering it on each other feels a little like we're getting away with something.

During the last couple weeks, Youngest has been spending all day, every day (and most nights) with the neighbor kids before they all go back to their respective schools and activities. Beautiful is spending each available moment with her boyfriend before his job takes him away for awhile and, more importantly, before parenthood changes their lives forever. Number One Son has returned to the university for his final semester.

That has left my sweet hubby and me alone. We've been living as though we're a young couple in the midst of courtship. Frequent lunches out. Evenings together. It's been wonderful.

Last night we met a friend for drinks and a very late dinner. We talked. We laughed. We made fun of other people. And of ourselves. Hubby and I didn't get home until 4 this morning. Then we fooled around and enjoyed each other until nearly 5. Because nobody needed us. Because we didn't need to worry about waking anyone. Because we could.

We're not fools. We know enough to enjoy this little season while it lasts.

Baby Lily is due in two weeks. Everything will change. And as much as we've been enjoying this unexpected "honeymoon" period, we'll welcome that change.


Angie said...

Good for you, Kristin! For heaven's sake enjoy your life, and you and hubby enjoy yourselves. Something is bound to come along to make life more hectic very soon (if not dear Lily then certainly something else!) Cheers to you! Love, Angie

Whitenoise said...

Yeah, good for you. Take it while you can... ;-)

Miss Got Wings said...

how sweet - I love hearing when people don't let the romance die! enjoy those moments! And enjoy that baby (but I don't have to tell you that :)

jenontheedge said...

Yay you! Enjoy this time.

Amy said...

So that's where you been ! Missed ya!

xoxo, SG

Geggie said...

4 a.m? Scandalous!!!

Only 2 much fun.

countrymouse said...

You guys are awesome! And I don't use that word a lot : ) I've been away from blogging for what feels like a very long time but here you all are being supportive and friendly. *sniff* I'm touched :)

Tink said...

It takes a thief!
Big Hugs and Cheers of midlife marital fun!

ajooja said...

We're looking forward to having more time to ourselves again. It's nice, isn't it?

Jan said...

This best part of your marriage is just beginning. You've been through all the tough stuff, and survived. Yeah, for you two.

CheekierMeSly said...

You *so* deserve every moment of the alone time! Celebrate it! Revel in it, guilt-free!

Being a still single, childless adult, I occasionally feel that guilt of which you speak. Particularly after tumultuous times when I've supported peeps in crisis. I look at my own life, and how simple it seems in comparison to the trials of others' lives, the commitments of others' lives. Shouldn't I be doing more?

Yes, we should all be doing more. But we have a life too, unto ourselves, that has to be lived. It's not entirely about service to others. If you don't occasionally service yourself, you'll lose yourself.

Wait! That didn't come out right! 8-)