Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meanwhile, back at sea level . . . .

This week's adventure was the ocean and the rain forest. I have so little time off this summer that we're trying to make the best of it when it does crop up. Turns out? Two days isn't enough time to squeeze in a full sized vacation.

We drug Youngest's friend Su with us out to Kalaloch. My family has been to Ocean Shores in the past, but we hadn't experienced Kalaloch. I'm all up for visiting places we've never seen before.

But . . .

my planning skills leave a little to be desired.

There are approximately 4 lodges/motels/campgrounds within a 100 mile radius of our destination. And waiting until 2 days before departure to make reservations? You won't be surprised to learn that the only vacancy I could find was at The Bates Motel.

During check in, Mister started mysteriously--and profusely--bleeding all over the desk. Seriously.

After that little episode, the trip was great. Except for my inexcusable moodiness. Unless you count the hormone peak 2 days prior to my period as excusable . . .

Beach 4 at Kalaoch, Olympic National Forest

Where the continent comes to a lovely halt and the endless, beautiful Pacific Ocean takes over. I am awed by this.

the kids running in the surf

awwww, I just love this guy

tide pool

Quinault Rain Forest



Youngest splashing his friend mercilessly

Payback is a wet, cold bitch. Good on ya, Su!


jenontheedge said...

It all looks so lovely.

Jan said...

Boy, your photos rock. I love 'em. As for the Bates Motel, yuck, but live long enough, it'll happen to every one.

Miss Got Wings said...

those foxgloves - priceless!

countrymouse said...

It *is* lovely, jen!

Thank you, Jan! High praise coming from you, that's for sure : ) I'm having a difficult time with close-ups of flowers--the focus is really good on one flower but everything else is a little fuzzy. Do I need to pull back a little?

I think the foxglove photo is my favorite, Kate : ) Actually, it's my second favorite--the kids running in the waves is tops : )

Whitenoise said...

Great photos! Keep 'em coming, Mouse! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like them all and I'm glad you're getting practice on your camera for when baby comes :)

Geggie said...

So beautiful!

Maddy said...

Yeah! Summer holidays are the best. Glad you had a blast.