Monday, June 30, 2008

I lost my train of thought . . .

So. During the return address from my little unscheduled hiatus, I had several other posts floating about in my head--all I had to do was write them. But somehow in the intervening hours they've gotten lost.

They'll come back. Soon. Probably.

In the meantime, I'm just going to share pictures.

Last weekend I had my first Sunday off in many, many months. It was idyllic. The weather was warm. The sky was blue. The water was relatively temperate. All the kids were home for the day. We jet skied. We swam. We ate. We had drinks with the neighbors out on their dock.

Mama had more than one drink. Mama had a drink and a half!!! I was a little tipsy and didn't want to drive to the store. Number One's girlfriend offered to drive me. She hopped into the driver's seat of my car and commented that she didn't have to adjust the seat or mirrors. The seat that is set to my preferences fits her perfectly. One more way in which she is like me. Son is chagrined.

Did I share with you all that Number One has finally discovered that he is dating his mother? Every time his girl and I are together he sees more and more similarities. This disturbs him. His girl and I see the look on his face and simultaneously scold, "You're going to hurt her feelings!"

Did I already say that Son is chagrined?

heh heh


jenontheedge said...

Great photos! Such a good looking family...

Miss Got Wings said...

adorable! glad you had a really great day off. A whole drink and a half? slow down there Mousie !

ajooja said...

My daughter won't bring her latest boyfriend over to meet us. My son saw him and said he doesn't have a chin. I have my doubts about him already.

I hope your girl sticks. :)

Mrs. G. said...

Your family is GORGEOUS!