Thursday, May 22, 2008

a thoughtful phone call from my daughter

"Hey, Mom, you know whose relationship ours reminds me of?"

"Whose, sweetie?" Hmmm, maybe Ma and Laura Ingalls? Joan and Melissa Rivers? Carol and Marcia Brady?

"Homer and Bart Simpson!"

"Ha ha--that's funny! Hey, wait a minute . . . that makes me the Homer!"

"I know--isn't that funny, Mom!"

"Why, you little . . . D'oh!"


Deb said...

This made me laugh. And reminded me that recently my son and I have been exchanging South Park's "YOU'RE A TOWEL" back and forth. I can relate.

(Oh and I was totally excited to see "A River Runs Through It" as one of your favorite movies...ME TOO!! Love, love, love it and have seen it about 1800 times now. I knew I liked you.)

Anonymous said...

eat my shorts!!!! :)

Geggie said...

Can I offer you a doughnut?

countrymouse said...

mmmmm, doughnuts . . . {{drooling noise}}

Actually, Geggie--I misguidedly (that's a word, right?) gave up sugar and white flour. So I'm thinking doughnuts are probably a no-no. Who the hell made up that rule, anyway???? But thanks just the same : )

Okay, Beautiful, you got me : ) That's pretty much the perfect comment ; )

Oh, thank goodness, Deb! I'm not the only wildly inappropriate mother out there ; )

Geggie said...

The citrus beef recipe is up!