Monday, May 12, 2008

That's right, Monday, I pwn you!

Last Monday at work was insane. Partly because it was, you know, Monday, and partly because we were down 2 people. Two people! Insane, I tell you.

On Monday mornings I'm by myself in the front and I'm responsible for

  1. the customers (a mass which easily matches the size of China's army)
  2. alphabetizing the completed prescriptions on the shelf (of which there are at least a squillion. And you all know I don't exaggerate ever.)
  3. unpacking and labeling the order
  4. putting together the "owes"
  5. completing the paperwork and phone calls required to nail down all the miscellaneous details of the order.

On a good day I can keep up with the demand and finish all these tasks sometime between noon and 1 p.m. when other people arrive to assist me. Last Monday I didn't finish all the details until 3:00.

Three o'freakingclock!

This week, however, I kicked Monday's ass.

The order was complete and all the work was caught up without assistance by 11:00 in the morning.

Of course, there were almost no customers that day.

And oddly there was a relatively small number of prescriptions being filled.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that the order was approximately one third the normal size.

But still, 11:00 in the morning, people!

I rock : )


Mary said...

Given the fact that I'm thrilled to simply be able to process basic commands and be dressed by 11 on most days, I'd say you definitely rock. :)

Living sandwiched between your accomplishments and Angie's, it's starting to become clear what a total slacker I am.

countrymouse said...

Umm, Mary? You're the woman who is not only homeschooling your own child but nobly stepped in to assist me with *my* child. Oh--and do you remember the conversation with Angie a few weeks ago wherein she asked what you're teaching the kids and you started naming off subjects and there were--no exaggeration--*9 different subjects* you're covering--not the least of which is LATIN.

Yeah--when I think of Mary, the phrase that comes to mind is "total slacker" ; )

Whitenoise said...

Careful... they'll only give you more work if they realize you only need a half day instead of a full shift. You'll be polishing apples, mopping the floor and scanning groceries inbetween your pharmacy customers. :-(

(But, yeah. You rock.)

jenontheedge said...

Yes, you do rock.

Amy said...

What does "pwn" mean? xoxo, SG

countrymouse said...

oh dear--you've called me on it . . . you've caught me trying to pass as a 25 year old . . .

'pwn' is youthspeak for completely dominating an opponent. or something. I think : )

Geggie said...

Soooo...when will you be in Chicago?