Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No. This humiliating story is not based on true events. That would just be pathetic.

So, remember a long time ago I wrote a post about a "conversation" that had occurred between me and a much younger guy? No? Don't remember and don't care? Let's just revisit it, shall we?

That post has nothing whatsoever to do with this fictional story:

One average, overcast Washington day, a Woman went to see her friend, the Young Man. The Young Man’s life had been thrown a curve or two and the Woman was there by his side to help ease him back into the day.

They talked, they shopped for groceries and the Woman fulfilled the Young Man’s need for human contact and kindness. The Young Man was beginning to feel better.

Returning to the Young Man’s home, the two began to unload groceries. While still at the car, a friend of the Young Man’s happened to drive by.

“Hey,” the friend greeted, “what are you doing today?”

“Stuff,” replied the Young Man.

The Woman’s back was turned, but nonetheless, the sneer in the friend’s voice—and the quick glance he must have shot her way—were unmistakable as he said to the Young Man, “Have fun doing 'stuff'.”

“Ha!” the Young Man’s laughter rang out, “I don’t THINK so!”


jenontheedge said...

Well, I'm glad this story is completely fictional, as it might otherwise have been a bit embarrassing for the woman, wouldn't it?

countrymouse said...

I know, right? The woman would probably have been mortified and wanted to die on the spot! If it had been a true story. Which is wasn't. So the woman is fine. Mmmm hmmm.

Optimist said...

Sugar - he just doesn't know what he's missing!!

Wisdom is wasted on the young.


Whitenoise said...

The fictional young man, lacking proper human contact and kindness, was probably also lacking in the social graces. He likely didn't mean his comment to be demeaning or humiliating, it was probably just one of those things that didn't fictionally come out right... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think Whitenoise is right. The fictional boy who was raised by wolves does not know how to properly interact with the human race even if that means insulting someone who is very kind to him.

countrymouse said...

LOTS of things are wasted on the young, don't you think so, Optimist? : )

Whitenoise, I think you and Beautiful are right. Lack of training in the social graces could, fictionally, cause a person to say unintended hurtful things. Fictionally . . . .