Tuesday, April 1, 2008

no good deed goes unpunished

Dang. I was so happy.

After my "walking on water" work evaluation (great phrase, by the way, Jan ; ) I was elated. And then came the news.

Having uncharacteristically forgotten to write down this week's schedule, I called work to find out whether I am supposed to be there on Thursday or Friday.

"I'm so glad you called!" said assistant manager, Pharmacist Rob. "The store director has heard such great things about you here in the pharmacy that he's also offering you a position in the health and beauty aids department for 1 or 2 days a week. If you want it, you're a lock for it--it's yours!"

It's great to be well thought of. It's nice to be rewarded for a job well done. But I don't want the health and beauty position. Because I would have to be near people.

I see the health and beauty aid people hard at work every day. Right in front of my pharmacy window is their large section of the store. They stock shelves and create inviting seasonal displays. All while they're near people. Shoppers. People standing within their personal space.

I prefer the wide barrier of my counter. I find comfort in being hidden from the waist down and luxury in being able to walk a few feet away to have a private conversation with a superior if I have a challenging customer that I need help with.

Health and beauty is right out in. the. open.

Beautiful laughs at my reasons for not wanting the gift that's been handed to me. Then she quietly adds, "Actually, I kind of miss being a barista because of the safety of the counter . . . "


Amy said...

I need to change the hair to blond and print out a large poster of that illustration. Or print it on a tee shirt. No, cause then people would look at me. Poster. xoxo, SG

countrymouse said...

"No, cause then people would look at me."

Long lost little sister : )

Beautiful, if you're reading, I'd like you to meet your Aunt Amy ; )

MissGotWings said...

I'm right there with you. Leave me with a good book or my blogger buds, but don't put me in a space chock full of those things they refer to as 'people' - they're all foreigners if you ask me