Thursday, April 3, 2008

it's like drunk blogging, only without the booze, or the excuse . . .

It started late last night. I wanted everything and I wanted it right now. I especially needed chocolate.

First thing when I woke up today I tore my sweet Mister a new one because when he arrived at 1:30 this morning after picking up a friend from the airport he had FORGOTTEN THE CHOCOLATE. I think castration is a suitable punishment.

Today it wasn't just chocolate I needed--NEEDED--but potato chips and tacos and anything sweet or salty or both and it occurred to me, "Oh, it's that part of my cycle."

And since I finally figured out what part of my cycle we're surviving this week, it makes sense that I was doing a little hormonal blogging. Kinda like drunk blogging, only without the fun of the booze. And when it happens again--and it will--just nod and smile and have confidence that I will find my way back from around that particular bend.

And a little update: NonSon saw fit to get in touch with me today. Briefly. For his own purposes. Completely ignoring the one little thing I asked him to do. Just like a biological child would . . .

Here are the answers to the questions you're all screaming into your monitors: 1) No, I do not know how to say no. 2) Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. 3) Yes, I have heard of and understand the terms 'co-dependency' and 'enabling.' What's your point?

In other news, Hubby and I aren't getting along right now. It's only partly on account of my mid cycle derangement. It's mostly because of the pork.

With me enduring the grueling schedule of 24 hour work weeks, Hubby is in charge of the meal planning and cooking. I have begged him to let me do the shopping and give him the recipes to work from, but he claims he wouldn't be "comfortable" with my recipes. So he does it his way. And his way is all about what's cheap at the grocery store. In other words, his way is all about the swine flesh.

"You are the Bubba of pork," I told him. "Pork ribs, pork stew, pork casserole, pork sandwiches, pork salad, pork pie . . . " He wasn't amused. What's his deal?


jenontheedge said...

I think it might be time to pry the spatula from his hands and send him to a cooking class.

Anonymous said...

and y'all wonder why my sensitive stomach and i haven't been over for dinner lately :)

MissGotWings said...

yuck - pork!

Simon Sterwin said...

Your posts are very wonderful.

Though they do make me a little nervous. It's lucky I'm a 21st century kind of man.


countrymouse said...

Hey Jen--have a wondeful trip!!!

Yeah, Beautiful, it's not because you have a better offer ; )

Note to self: No pork birthday cake for Kate . . .

LOL Simon! Thanks for the compliment : ) Do I make you nervous because I think castration is a reasonable punishment for the sin of chocolate omission? Because really--it's CHOCOLATE!!!!