Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Bossy makes the world a better place.

So. I'm one of the Seattle people on the list for Bossy's Excellent Road Trip.

Hence the little badge





But I'm a little nervous about the upcoming meet and greet. Because it means leaving my little country mouse house. And going to the big city. And meeting. And greeting. All things I suck at. Or SUCK at.

Hubby doesn't even invite me to his class reunions or friends' weddings anymore. Five minutes after arriving (and I'm not exaggerating--I'm talking 300 seconds) I'm asking him, "Can we leave yet? Can we please, please, please? How 'bout if I take the car and you catch a ride home?"

But I have confidence that Bossy will make it all fun and easy and laid back and non-threatening. Cause that's how Bossy is. Plus she's kick-ass funny. And tall. And thin. And beautiful. And possibly dating John Cusack on the side. I hate that bitch . . .

Where was I? Oh, yes! I want to meet that bitch Bossy.

So I'm trying to be all brave and, as Nike suggests, just do it. Plucking up my courage entails reading aobut the events of the trip as they unfold. Looking at photos of the happy people in Bossy's company. And following the links to read the blogs of the people she's already met.

That's how I came across ShallowGal.

I heart me some ShallowGal. ShallowGal makes me laugh til the dog looks at me funny. I cradle the phone between my shoulder and ear while I read ShallowGal's posts so that people walking by my house and seeing me through the window will think I'm having a hysterical two way conversation instead of sitting alone laughing at my monitor.

And ShallowGal and I share a lot of the same issues--she's exactly like me! Except younger. And funnier. And more concise. And a better writer. I hate that bitch . . .

But wait! Another reason ShallowGal is my new BFF! She left me a comment that said "blah blah blah . . . there is *NO WAY* from that picture that you're going to be a Grandma!" And she's right! I AM the world's BEST photo editor!

Here's my current paranormally edited profile photo:

And here's how I really look:


Where was I? Oh, yes! Thank you, dear Bossy, for making the world a better place by sharing your fabulous self with us and by forcefully introducing us to new people. I heart me some Bossy too : )


jenontheedge said...

Honey, you need a boob job -- STAT!

Amy said...

I heart you too ! And as your new BFF I need to implore you to reconsider that lipstick. And maybe stay out of the sun.

Geggie said...

nice tat!

countrymouse said...

But Jen, if my boobs were messed with it might detract from the beauty of the Jimi Hendrix autograph! It's not worth it : )

Reconsider the lipstick, Amy? You're dissing my fave lipstick?! You've just been cut out of the will . . . ; )

Thank you, Geggie. I knew *someone* would appreciate it : )

MissGotWings said...

nice tat Kristin :)

Stimey said...

I also found ShallowGal from the Bossy thing, and then I tripped over you, and I have to say that I'm entirely delighted to have done so.

countrymouse said...

Hey, Stimey! Nice to meet you : ) I ambled on over to your place and got a hearty, smug laugh at your potty training story. I'm way beyond potty training. I only have to face pre-teen angst. Wait, what was my point?