Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the hand that rocks the cradle

"So?" I ask Number One Son, home for spring break, "is it love with you and your girlfriend?"

Number One fidgets and fights to keep that sly smile from his face. "I remember everything you and Dad told me about falling in love," he confesses. "I remember you told me that once you're in love, all your judgement is gone. I tried to hold off, I tried not to lose my judgement, but yes, it's love."

Hours later, in an unrelated story:

"Hey Mom, guess what?" goes the familiar refrain.

"What, Youngest?" I ask, though I already know the answer.

Comes the singsong reply, "I'm almost as tall as you!"

"You know, Youngest, even when you're taller than me, I'll still have all the control. Go ask your brother."

"Hey, Number One!" I hear him call loudly as he sprints into the other room where his brother reclines on the couch. "Is it true that even when I'm bigger than her, Mom will still have all the power over me?"

Number One doesn't even consider the question. He sighs. Chagrined, he says, "Yes. It's true."

"In fact," I say with an evil smile, "I am so powerful that if I used every ounce of my strength I could talk Number One into breaking up with his girl right now."

Number One thinks about it for a moment. He breaks into a chuckle and tells his little brother, "It's true. She would have to use every tactic and all her powers of persuasion, but she could actually do it."

Note to self: Use superhuman mama strength for good, not evil >: )


Whitenoise said...

Yeah, but what's your kryptonite? ;-)

Jan said...

Too funny. Yes, use for "good" only.

ajooja said...

I could have used that power with my daughter. Her soon-to-be ex-husband is such a douche bag.

countrymouse said...

Oh, dude, *my* kryptonite? Everything. Anything to do with my kids. I'm exhausted just thinking about it . . .

Jan, you have kids, right? So you know the power of the mama : )

Interestingly, ajooja, it only works on my boys. I tried everything with my daughter--lecturing, sermonizing, begging, sobbing, bribing (yes, actual bribing) to get her to break it off with that crap weasel of an ex-fiance and nothing worked. Nothing, that is, until I learned to shut up and let her figure it out for herself . . . Boys are easier : )