Sunday, March 23, 2008


Geggie gave me this last week:

As blackbird's youngest would say, I less than three you Geggie : )

So the official rule about accepting this prestigious E is that one must bestow it upon at least 10 other excellent blogs.

It would be impossible to choose only 10 out of the manymanymany excellent blogs out there. I'd rather share it with you all.

There are two, however, that I especially want to give a hearty E to:

Mary--I know you have issues with this medium and I love that your sense of justice, community and integrity are reasons you don't blog much anymore. But when you do--wow! Your writing is as deep and well planned and argued as your personal conversations. Your're just so dang eloquent. It's embarrassing to the rest of us who kin reed an' rite only jist good enuf to git along . . .

And Maddy. The way you share about your daily struggles and small triumphs is nearly poetic. Nothing forced, nothing contrived, just honest. And beautiful.

E's all around!


jenontheedge said...


countrymouse said...

Thanks, Jen : ) Take a big ole E for yourself and then pass it on!

Mary said...

Oh my, Kristin. I hardly know what to say.

Thank you. You're a wonderful friend and have most *definitely* earned your award. Your blog is truly one of the best out there!


Geggie said...

You deserve it. Off to visit the other ladies now.

Kuckie said...

Wow, you are definitely EXCELLENT! And I will be checking out your recommended blogs, for sure!


disa said...

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