Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tuesday evening while packing for our trip:

Kristin: (dialing Beautiful's cell)

Beautiful: Hi, Mom.

Kristin: Hi, Sweetie . . .

Beautiful: Mom--what's wrong?! Why are you so upset?!

Kristin: It's Dad,

Beautiful: What? What's wrong with Dad?

Kristin: It's . . . Well, he's . . . I'm sorry--this is difficult for me to talk about . . .

Beautiful: Mom--what's going on with Dad??????

Kristin: It's just . . . He's taking his fanny pack on our trip!

Beautiful: What!? NO!!! Oh, Mom--I'm so sorry! No--he can't do that! Let me talk to him.


Mister: Hi Beautiful. How are you?

Dad, you can't take your fanny pack!

Yes, I can. It's practical.

It's practical for a 63 year old woman!

I used it last month when I went to see my cousin--nobody said anything about it.

Not to your face . . . Dad, you just can't do this to mom.

I'm taking it. Period.

Beautiful: *sigh*
Kristin: (still trying to convince him of his folly . . . ) Do you remember when you bought that piece of obsolescence? We were in Mexico when Beautiful was a baby--20 years ago!

It was only 19-1/2 years ago. Don't exaggerate.

Yeah, because me being a little off about the date is the problem here . . . My point is, it may have been 'in style' when you bought it 19-1/2 years ago, but it isn't now.

But it's still in great condition!

MC Hammer pants and muscle shirts were also 'in style' back then and I don't see you wearing those!

I would if I had some in really good condition.

Kristin: (face becomes the dictionary illustration of 'the agony of defeat')
Update: Upon disembarkation at LAS, Mister was taken into custody by the Las Vegas Fashion Police. There has been no word yet as to the length of his detainment or potential release date.


Geggie said...

Sadly, he was among a sea of tourists wearing fanny packs, wasn't he?

Please tell me he didn't wear it to Mon Ami Gabi? I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Whitenoise said...

Conversation had here this morning:

Spouse(looking thru dress shoes on a website): "See any you like?"

Me: "Most of them are too frilly. I don't like square toes, I don't like fancy stitching, I don't want to be fashionable, I just want basic shoes."

Spouse (rolling eyes, making exasperated sound): "You know, sometimes I'd like to be seen with someone fashionable."

Me: "Well, maybe your second husband..."

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

That's pretty bad, but at least he wasn't also wearing some orange Crocs. :-)

countrymouse said...

Yes, Geggie, a sea of 63 year old women tourists with fanny packs : ) By the time we went to Mon Ami Gabi, he was on serious pack restriction and I went back to my traditional place of holding his wallet, phone, etc. in my purse. But not complaining about it for a change . . .

Hubby and I both got a great laugh from you this morning, Captain Noise. We have had the 'maybe your second spouse' conversation many times ; )

True, Jen. Nor was he wearing anything Nascar--even he draws the line there!

Jan said...

Thank God for the Las Vegas Fashion Police.