Friday, February 15, 2008

For husbands: a tutorial

Hubby walked into the bedroom this morning as I was preparing to take a shower. Being naked in front of anyone in the stark daylight is not one of my favorite things. Immediately I put my hands over my stomach--the area that used to be washboardlike and is now, ummm, not--and said, "I hate this part of me--I want it to be gone."

Hubby responded incorrectly. "It's not as bad as mine," he cheerfully replied.

"Wrong answer. Try again."

"It's better than it was a couple years ago?"

"Nope. That's not it either. Try again!"

"Ummm, I'm not bothered by it in the least--after all, you're 40, not 20?"

"Bzzzzt. You lose!"

"But, wha . . . "

"Hubby, the proper response is 'I don't even notice because I'm too busy looking at your tight little ass'--now I know it's not really anymore . . . "

"Oh, the hell it isn't!!!!" he exclaimed.

Nice save, baby!


Whitenoise said...

Aging sucks. My F/O snapped a photo of me and our "Miss October" Flight Attendant yesterday but somehow he missed me and got some ugly old guy in the shot... ;-(

Geggie said...

And hilarious!

countrymouse said...

It's not you, Cap'n--it's the new-fangled digital photos. There's something about the way digital cameras capture and translate the light as it reflects off the bone structure and planes of the face in people over 30 that just makes us look older than we do in real life. (If you and I both spout this bogus theory enough times other people will start to believe it, right?)

It's true geggie--my hiney *is* hilarious! ; )