Friday, February 15, 2008

for Geggie : )

Geggie described her Valentine's day with her sweetie and asked the rest of us how we spent our day. Part of my answer was this:

"Youngest and I spent the afternoon making Valentines for his friends out of
recycled Coke cans--it was hilarious and they turned out kinda cute (in a
homemade out of a piece of junk sort of way . . . )"
Being the polite kind of girl that she is, Geggie asked to see a photo. I know she was just being nice, but what mom needs a better invitation to share her child's handiwork with the world?

These valentines look seriously awful in the photo. They're only twice that awful in real life. No--kidding--they're not quite so bad in person.

Oh--and the smaller heart on the waxed string on the right is the necklace Youngest made for me. Isn't that just too sweet? I thought so too, until he confessed that he originally made it for the neighbor girl he fancies but was too shy to give it to . . .


Geggie said...

I think it's great. And I really did want to see it! I was intrigued. Really, it's much more artful than I expected. That kid's a regular Andy Warhol, minus all the weirdness, of course.

Thanks for sharing!

Storybook Woods said...

These were sooo cool. Please tell youngest, I was very impressed !!!!!! They would make great necklaces. xoxoxox Clarice