Sunday, January 6, 2008

ummm, is it just me or?

Number One Son just went back to school today. I'd like to say we had a nice long visit together, but we hardly saw the boy. The reason? The boy has a girl.

He's crazy about this girl. So much so that he has been willing to suspend his extreme Spartan ways for her. It's a nice change to see in him : )

It took some time for her to be ready, but she came to the house a couple times to hang out here and get to know us.

She's about 5' 2" with long, dark hair. She's very cute. She's bubbly and cheerful, but underneath that exterior lurked a little insecurity--a little nervousness to make a good impression.

She is very bright, but not quite as philosophical/intellectual as Number One. She, however, is much more accessible than Number One is : )

She takes school very seriously and has worked hard to get good grades. An early education major, she is on the cusp of devoting her adult life to the teaching of children.

Unlike her boyfriend (who is a body Nazi and super health food freak. No, make that SUPER HEALTH FOOD FREAK!) She is of a more normal persuasion--going so far as to enjoy a cold Coke and some Rice Krispie Treats while we sat around the table playing games. Oh, and speaking of games? She is very competitive--but not so much that it's no fun to play with her.

She is willing to compromise with Number One when they're deciding what to do for the day and where they're going for dinner--but this girl is no doormat either.

And one last item of note: No matter where they're going or what's going on, she's always running just a tad late.

So, at what point will this besmitten boy realize he is dating the 22 year old version of his mother?


Whitenoise said...

I was going to say that "she seems like a very nice girl" but then I saw the "22 yr old version", so let me change that to "extremely high quality individual".

Kate said...

They always do. Consider it a compliment.

Geggie said...

I am dating a exact duplicate of my father...except my dad is 5'8" 225 and my boyfriend is 6'5" and 230.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Luckily, my husband didn't realize any similarities until AFTER the marriage was official, so I got lucky or else all bets would have been off.

Kuckie said...

Holy crackamoly, Kristin...don't tell him that, or he may freak out! I know I did anytime someone compared a guy I was dating to my dad!

**But, you can sit back and smile, and give yourself a pat on the back, 'cause you obviously did something right!!!

countrymouse said...

WN, you're a great cheerleader--you always make me smile : )

Kate and Geggie, I think you're right--it is pretty much standard practice for people to date their parents, whether they know it or not : )

Jen--you *never* fail to make me laugh : )

Oh Kuckie, I couldn't agree more! I would never let the boy in on the secret. He'd hate it : )

And either you're right and I've done a good job, or I've done a horrible job and he's sentenced to dating wackadoos like his mother for the rest of his life ; )