Wednesday, January 23, 2008

By the way . . .

wife: By the way, we're getting divorced.

husband: What's the reason this time?

wife: The engine gaskets sitting on top of my pretty china hutch.

husband: I wondered if you'd notice that. I needed a safe place to put them and Youngest wanted the kitchen table to do a puzzle.

wife: Don't we have a garage and a little shop thingy?

husband: Yes, but they're both too full of stuff and these are important and can't get damaged. Anyway, how could you even see the gaskets through all the cobwebs up there?

wife: Cobwebs?!?! I just vacuumed up there 6 months ago . . .

husband: This kettle corn you made is really good, but eating the kernels hurts those teeth I just had worked on.

wife: But you had that done over a week ago. They're still bothering you?

husband: Yeah.

wife: Well, have you called the dentist like I suggested a few days ago?

husband: Why bother? What's he going to do about it?

wife: Are you kidding me? He's a DENTIST for chrissake! It's his business to know what to do with painful teeth!

husband: Hey? Can you call your mom and ask her if she'd rather I didn't come for dinner since I'm still contagious?

**a short while later**

wife: Mom says it's fine for you to come over; she's not worried about it.

husband: Can I wear my sweats?

wife (mumbling under her breath while walking away): We're getting a divorce, did I mention?

husband: What was that about dementia?????

Oh sure, he probably has his side of the story too. But this is my blog : )


Whitenoise said...

very funny ;-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Apparently you two have excellent communication skills.

countrymouse said...

Oh yes, Jen--we've got that communication thing *down*!!