Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beautiful and I watch way too much of "The Office"

Me, just getting home from work "Well hi, Sweetie! I didn't know you were coming."

Beautiful "That's what she said! I didn't have a chance to cash my paycheck and couldn't afford to go grocery shopping. So I came here to eat dinner. And use your computer . . . I wish you'd gotten home earlier! I have to leave in a few minutes."

Me "Oh, bummer. But hey, before you leave, will you do something for me?"

Beautiful "That's what she said!"

Me "Darn it! You're so good at that--you get me every time!"

Simultaneously "That's what she said!"

Me "Okay, that's enough (that'swhatshesaid) I need you to pin up my pants so I can hem them."

Beautiful "Uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh! I HATE HEMMING!!!!!!!!!"

Mom "I know, I know . . . By the way, did you remember to make that doctor's appointment?"

Beautiful "By the way, did you remember to STOP NAGGING?"

Mom "Just because I have a natural talent for it doesn't mean I enjoy it."

Beautiful "That's what she said!!! Now, hold still so I can line this up right."

Simultaneously "That's what she said!"

Beautiful "Stop laughing! It's making you move too much! (that'swhatshesaid.)"

Mom "Are you done yet? It's hard to stay still in one position!"

Simultaneously "That's what she said!"

Beautiful "You know, one of us should really think about growing up."

Simultaneously "Not it!"

Mom "That's what she said?"

Beautiful "That time it didn't even work."

Simultaneously "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!"

Mister's voice from the other room "Alright you two, you've had enough fun."

Whispering simultaneously "That's what she said!"



Angie said...

Omigosh, Kristin. You guys are WAY worse than Ralph and I! And I thought we were bad..(Just be sure never to mention the planet Uranus around my husband. Believe me, it can go on and on...) and I can't believe he hasn't divorced me for saying "Ex-squeeze me" every time I sneeze.
Anyway, that was a good one. (Wait-That's what she said!) Aaaah!

Kuckie said...

THAT is me and my husband! We can't stop quoting the office. I have received all 3 seasons on DVD and it's all I watch anymore! And for the record, you can use "That's what she said" almost anywhere!!! ;0)