Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As long as we're in the 80's . . .

Let's talk about Billy Idol for a moment. Billy and Christmas.

I like Billy Idol. Always have. I liked that back during his heyday he was a welcome departure from the status quo. He was no traditional big haired rocker. He had a harder edge. But not a weird edge, a la the B52s. (Sorry to all you B52s fans : ) He was quirky and hedonistic. And all his songs (at least those that got air time) were about his passions: sex and drugs--and every other sin worth indulging in.

More recently, I adored his cameo role in The Wedding Singer. How could you not love a guy who is a good enough sport to poke a little fun at himself?

And then we have Billy Idol's Christmas CD, Happy Holidays: A Very Special Christmas Album. He sings all the Christmas standards, plus the very special song, "Christmas Love."

I don't know who wrote "Christmas Love." I've heard it a handful of times on the cable Christmas music station. All I can tell you is this: It's very Billy.

It's hard enough to adjust the sensibilities to his raunchy voice singing about peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, but the lyrics of "Christmas Love?" You just have to read them for yourself:

Have a merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Give everyone your blessin'
And spread the good cheer
The best gift you can give
Is the gift of love
It's what the whole world needs
Is what we're dreaming of
So light up the fire
Walk through the snow
Come and stand with me now
Under the mistletoe
We all need some Christmas love
Gonna get my Christmas love
We all need some Christmas love
Children wrap your presents
Put them underneath the tree
If everybody gives
Then everyone receives
I see your pretty face
In the Christmas light
Children are excited
Cause Santa comes tonight
Well I see Santa's been here
There's a smile on my face
He's brought all the presents
Put them in their right place
He's probably flyin' high
Across the moon
He'll be at your chimney
Any time soon
I'd comment more, but really? Where does one begin?
Love you, Billy, but you lost me here . . .

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Influencebad said...

I saw Billy Idol live two or three years ago.

He is still quite hedonistic.

During the concert (at the Paramount) he was getting a huge kick out of thrusting his lower half towards the women in the front row and allowing them to... ah.... pet him.

And I kept thinking, 'WHY AREN'T I IN THE FRONT ROW????'