Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Second Interview

Several of you have been kind enough to give me advice about, or to ask after, "The Second Interview." So, since this is the all-about-me forum, I’ll just post about it. That way everyone can share in the details of my experience!

To begin with, Beautiful and I decided that I should wear the turquoise tank with the little rose-colored flowers embroidered on its sheer overlay. That hue and the square neckline are perfect with my skin tone (highlighting my warm summer tan) and the shape of my face.

Since a sleeveless blouse is a bit too casual for a business setting, we paired it with my lightweight chartreuse cardigan--which beautifully picks up the stem and leaf color of the embroidered flowers on the blouse.

Light, daytime make-up in an understated, natural palette. Finished off with Clinique’s barely glossy "Air Kiss" lip color.

Chic capris (this is a very casual company--their work uniform is jeans and T-shirts. Literally.) and open-toe sandals--displaying a hint of polished nails in a deep maroon shade (matching the embroidered flowers on my blouse, should one care to notice.)

I wore my hair down and straightened with a gentle curve in the long layers around my face--bringing the focus of my entire ensemble directly to my green eyes.

How could they not hire me, right?


Geggie said...

Well, did you get the job? When will you/we find out?

countrymouse said...

I'm supposed to find out some time Monday. At first I was feeling confident, but the more I reflect on the whole experience, the further my confidence spirals downward : ) At the very least, I have learned a *lot* from all of this!

Geggie said...

Nope. You got the job! I know it.

whitenoise said...

Good luck! (But, if it was a male interviewer, he wouldn't have noticed all of that matching shit...)

Rick said...

Green eyes! You are hired!