Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The pharmacy where I had the interview last week has called me in for a second interview. Must mean they're really interested in me!

I have no idea what they'll be looking for in the second interview that we didn't cover in the first. I feel like I gave everything I had to give in the first interview and have nothing left . . . Oh, and I have nothing to wear : )


Earlier this week I had to serve a nasty eviction notice to a woman who is months behind on her rent. I felt about 2 inches tall handing her that paperwork and walking away--knowing that it would cause her pain and panic and make a horrible day for her.

But why should I feel badly when she's the one who lives in a house that isn't hers and appears to believe that paying us is an option that she will exercise (or not) at her pleasure and we shouldn't be bothering her about it. WTF???


My 13 year old nephew is coming to stay with us for a couple days while his parents are out of town. Hubby is thrilled because Nephew is in football (hubby used to be a college scholarship caliber football player.) Hubby will take Nephew to practice and will relive the glory times of his youth. It will be a nice distraction from the swirling crap storm we're living in.

On the other hand, my hungry, picky, moody, horny, full-of-disdain-for-all-that-is-not-within-his-myopic-little-world nephew will be staying with us for a couple days. Woo hoo for me.


My washing machine is broken and the parts won't be here for another few days. In the meantime, my in-laws are out of town so I have unlimited access to her laundry facilities.

No real contrast to this one. It's a pain in the ass. Period. Okay--I'm happy to have mom-in-law's house at my disposal. And while waiting for my clothes, I'm doing some gardening for her so she'll come home from her vacation to a tidy yard. It's all good : )


I got my hair cut yesterday. I don't know what kind of magic wand the hairdresser has, but when she was done, my tresses were shiny and soft and FABULOUS to behold!

Today I'm back to being on my own with the hair thing. So far, I've gotten syrup in it. Don't ask . . .



whitenoise said...

Good luck with the interview. Don't forget to remind them about cleaning the washroom....

The eviction thing- don't feel bad, she must have known it was coming, and she didn't feel badly about the financial hardship she was causing you, did she?

Geggie said...

Oh! The eviction thing scares me. I have a great tenant (they all start great, don't they?), but I'm terrified that something will go wrong.

Don't you LOVE it when you have a new haircut. I just love getting a good shampoo and head message.

Rick said...

tresses! nice word.

countrymouse said...

I've gotten some really good advice about the interview thing. Now I just need to find something to wear : )

Sucky eviction! Blech. And that is all I have to say about that!

Yes on lovin a new haircut! Feels all new and fresh : )

Tresses n' syrup . . . not the best combination ; )