Friday, August 31, 2007

It's not ME, it's everyone else.

I recently had a phone conversation with hubby's best friend, Peter. I had a technical question.

"Hey, Pete. There are several people I'd like to chat with in real time. What IM program thingy do you recommend?"

"I like Windows Live Messenger. You can set it up right now. Do you want me to walk you through it?"

"Sure, that'd be great!"

tap click click tap tap tap--continuing to talk on the phone

"Ummm, Peter? Can I sign in hidden so I'm not just always "on"? I really don't want everyone knowing every moment I'm on. That's a little too out-in-the-open for me."

"Click on File, then Status and decide from there."

"Okay. Thanks."

"Hey, Mouse, turn up your speakers and check it out!"

Peter plays a recording of music he and Youngest made together so I can hear it.

"Oh how fun! Ummm, but I don't have to have my mic turned on, do I? I mean I can just keep it text based only so my voice isn't heard, right?"

"Oh yeah. No problem. Okay--now look at the box in the upper right hand side."

Magically, in the video box, Peter appears making funny faces at me.

"Ha ha--good one, Pete. Ummm, but I don't have to have video on, right? I mean, people seeing me and my house--I can keep that off and just communicate via typing, right?"

"Mouse--are you sure you actually want to talk to these people?"

"Oh yeah! They're great--so much fun! Why?"

"Because you've asked me in every possible way how you can avoid communicating with them."


Some time ago, Young Guy (who is now a family friend) invited Mister and me for his birthday dinner.
"We'd love to! Thanks for the invite!"

"Good. You and Mister will get to meet my best friend from high school and my friend N. (Remember her? I used to date her?)"

"Oh. You mean there will be other people there?"

"Well . . . yeah . . . it's a birthday dinner."

"Oh gee, I just looked at the calendar. Sorry but we have plans for that night after all."

"Oh," said tersely.

In an unrelated story, a couple months later Young Guy had the stones to blatantly ignore my big birthday. WTF, right?


Beautiful works full time at the ballet studio now. The owner, Sara, is also opening a second branch of the school and has an overwhelming amount of work to do. Sara has been very good to Beautiful. A mentor. A fantastic role model. I so appreciate her influence in Beautiful's life that I would be willing to help her out in any way she needs.

"Beautiful, I know Sara's really busy right now. Does she need my help with anything?"

"Yes! Are you kidding? There's so much work to be done! Do you want to help with registration?"

"I'd like to, but I have no dance knowledge whatsoever so I would be unable to answer questions. Plus, that would mean dealing with people. And I don't like people."

"Okay. Oh--what about helping with marketing for the new school?"

"Sweetie, you know I don't have any marketing experience. Plus, it would mean talking to a lot of people. And I don't like people."

"Hmmmm. We definitely need help making all of our confirmation calls before the first week of classes begins."

"Calling and talking to people? Are you new here? I don't like people!"

"You know what, Mom? I think Sara and I are doing okay. Thanks for offering your help though."

Feels so good to know that I went out of my way to make Sara's life easier!


Mister's friend Randy has a condo at Lake Chelan. Earlier this summer he invited our family to stay there for a week. Mister was all for it and asked me about it.

"Sure. We could use a quiet week together," I answered.

"I'm not sure how quiet it's going to be with Randy there. Plus my brother and his girlfriend."

"You mean there will be other people there?"

"Yes, Kristin. And lots of other people will be vacationing in the other condos. In fact thousands of other people will be vacationing all over Lake Chelan. Not only that--there will be other people who will have the audacity to drive on the same roads we'll use to get there."


"Kristin, remember when I told you I wasn't sure if I could be married to you for another 40 years?"

"Yes." Asshat.

"Yeah. You might want to think that over while I'm at the lake with the kids and you're here. Alone."

It's not me. It's him. Because he's an asshat.


whitenoise said...

Well, at least you like us, right? Virtual friends, that's where it's at. They don't smell, they don't empty your fridge, they don't make that annoying noise in their throats when they drink...

When you're tired of 'em, you just turn your computer off.... ;-)

Kuckie said...

Do you REALLY not like people, Kristin? We all think you like us!

countrymouse said...

Not to worry, Kuckie, it's like Whitenoise said--*virtual* friends are the best : )

Actually, I don't dislike people, I'm just incredibly insecure . . . and people bug me . . . ; )

Kuckie said...

I'm very sure you don't have anything to be insecure seem just great to me!

ajooja said...

I just never got into the whole chat thing. My best friend and I did it for a while I was out of work and he had a boring desk job, but I liked e-mailing back-and-forth better.

I'm afraid I'm getting older. :)

Kate said...

I'm reading this going "Did I write this?" Wow - I know exactly how you feel; I struggle w/ this all of the time and end up telling myself, surely it's not me, it's all the other crazies around me! Virtual friends are the greatest - wonder how we'd all get along if we acutally met - lol! Keep up the great writing - you crack me up ;)

countrymouse said...

Thanks, Kuckie : ) I'm sure most people who are insecure really don't have much reason to be. But it is what it is : )

I actually like both, ajooja, but since I'm on the west coast it's logistically difficult to IM. By the time I have a moment alone to chat, everyone else is asleep.

No Kate, it's not you, it's all the other crazies : )

Geggie said...

You are a hoot! And I so thought that we could be friends...but you know...I am a person, right?

love the flow chart in your last post too.

countrymouse said...

and geggie, you seem like the kind of person who gets along with *everyone* she meets and enjoys social situations. I so completely admire that! If we should ever meet, you'll have to do all the talking : )